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2. Check your file size You can change the file size by typing needed amount in centimetres in the size boxes below. Image will be scaled keeping the ration accordingly. Do not scale up your image if originally its only 72 dpi, it will be printed pixelated. DPI: -- The DPI of your uploaded file
should be more than 72, otherwise,
it will effect the quality of printing.

Width: cm

Height: cm

3. Choose your repeat Choose your repeat to see the way your file will be distributed across the width and down the length of the fabric. If you need to print one image one time only, use Centre option. Mirror option will allow to print any file seamlessly, even if you are not proficient textile designer.

4. Check if your file repeats seamlessly If you are printing seamless repeat, click on plus sign to zoon in to check for any breaking lines in between your images.

Click on Zoom To Check Repeat

5. Choose a Fabric

Length in Meters

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