Fabric Care

What to know about our fabrics


Some shrinkage may occur during production and in after care, shrinkage might be anywhere from 2 to 11% depending on the fabric. Natural fabric has tendency to shrink more than polyester fabrics. If shrinkage is important factor in your project we would recommend to test fabric first. Either test fabrics that came in our sample pack or order small production run and test it prior making somethings out of our fabric. However, printed fabric will never be at the precise size due to shrinkage and nature of fabric.


For best results, we recommend washing all natural fabrics printed by Digital Fabrics gently by hand in cold or cool water up to 30 degrees with very gentle detergent without phosphates. Do not scrub or rub fabrics, as pigment becomes fragile when wet and has tendency to come off.

Some fabrics can be washed on gentle or delicate machine cycle with phosphate free detergent in cold or cool water. We recommend doing a wash test of fabric samples to determine the colourfastness that suits your project best before committing to full print run as each fabric respond to washing differently.

For softer handle fabric can be washed prior use.

Some fading as a result of cleaning is normal for digital printing on natural fabrics. Fading can be especially visible in dark deep colours. Fading can be minimized through use of cool hand wash and phosphate free detergent.

If you using front loading washing machine please be aware that fabric might fade along the fabric creases easily due to strong tumbling action during washing in front loaders.

Polyester fabrics are easier to care for and can be washed in cool or warm water using a gentle or standard machine cycle. Colour fade made accrue, however its not very prompt and obvious as on natural fabric.

To minimise the creasing of polyester or natural fabric, wash fabric in 20% under loaded washing machine.


Digitally printed natural fabrics and sublimated polyester both can be tumble dry using a low temperature setting or hang dry.



We recommend ironing fabrics on standard settings of your iron. Test small section of your fabric first prior ironing.

A bit of steam may be used to remove wrinkles.

To reduce wrinkles on polyester fabric you can gently sprinkle dry fabric with water then air dry.

We also recommend that you iron with the printed side down.

Polyester must be ironed lightly touching on a synthetic setting only. Higher iron temperatures may result in colour burn and melting of fabric

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