Supply your own fabric

Can’t find a suitable fabric from our stock range? Don’t stress! We are happy to test print a fabric that you provide!

Keep reading to find out more about our fabric requirements and testing methods below.


Once you’ve found a fabric you want to print on, we ask that you firstly supply us with a small sample piece of the fabric, measuring approximately 30x30cm. For polyester fabrics this is all we need to determine if your fabric can be printed on!

For natural fabrics please make sure that this sample piece includes the selvedge of the fabric. If this sample looks suitable for printing you can then proceed with test printing your fabric!


  • Unfortunately we do not accept silk fabrics or any fabric with Nylon or Acrylic present. Please make sure to provide your fabric’s composition before we start testing your fabric.
  • When looking for a polyester fabric for printing please keep in mind that polyester fabrics must have a polyester content of 80%+. A polyester content of 100% is desirable and will provide the most vibrant printing result.
  • When looking for a natural fabric for printing we recommend fabric which is tightly woven, has a neat selvedge, is without any starches, has a smooth (not fluffy) surface and is pre-shrunk.
  • Fabric is required to have a white or off-white base colour. As white can’t be printed as a colour, any ‘white’ areas in your artwork will be the colour of the unprinted fabric. 
  • Please supply an additional 2m of fabric longer than your print job. This extra fabric is needed for our production methods and ensures you get the best printing result.
  • Please check your fabric for any creasing and marks before providing it for printing. Any fabric flaws will impact your printing result. This is especially important when providing natural fabrics so please take extra care when checking these fabrics.

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