Supply your own fabric

Supply your own fabric 

Can’t find a suitable fabric from our stock range? Don’t stress! We are happy to test print a fabric that you provide! 

Keep reading to see our step-by-step guide to printing on your supplied fabric.  

Step 1 – Sourcing fabric  

When you are sourcing your fabric please keep the following requirements in mind.  

  • Fabric must be white or off-white for digital printing. As white can’t be printed as a colour, any white areas in your artwork will be the colour of the unprinted fabric. 
  • We cannot print on Acrylic, Nylon or Silk fabrics. 
  • We can only print on Polyester fabrics with a minimum composition of 80% Polyester. 100% Polyester fabrics will produce the most vibrant printing results.  
  • When sourcing a natural fabric we recommend fabric that is tightly woven, has a neat selvedge, is without any starches, has a smooth (not fluffy) surface and is pre-shrunk. 
  • Please supply your fabric on a roll and check your fabric for any creasing and marks before providing it for printing. Any fabric flaws will impact your printing result.  
  • If you are concerned about the quality of your fabric we can re-roll it and do a quality assessment of your supplied fabric. 

Step 2- Fabric assessment 

Fill out our BYO fabric testing form and provide a 30 x 30cm swatch with the selvedge for assessment. If the swatch looks suitable for our equipment then we can proceed with test printing. 

Step 3 – Testing  

We have two testing procedures depending on the composition of your fabric.  


To test print natural fabrics we require 5m of fabric supplied for 3m of test printing. 

In the test print you will have approximately 2.5m of fabric to print your designs and then we will also print 2 x colour guides for you and 2 x colour guides for our reference to see how the fabric washes and compare to the original.  


For Polyester fabrics we will only require the 30 x 30cm swatch.  

If you would like to assess colour and print result on the fabric prior to production then we can print a 20 x 20 cm strike-off of your design on your fabric. 

Step 4 – Production 

After the testing has been complete and the fabric is approved for production our MOQ is 10m and we will require an additional 2m to the print length supplied to feed through our equipment.  


If you are ready to supply your fabric then please get in touch with us to get started!  


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