Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which fabrics do you print to?

    We print on both natural fabrics and synthetic polyester fabrics. Polyester referrers to the fibre content of the fabric. We have a standard range of fabrics for a wide range of application, from fashion and swimwear fabrics to interior and soft furnishings.
  • Can you print on cushion cover/ t-shirt/tote bag

    We do not print on ready made items, we only print by the meters by the roll. However we offer custom cushion cover and custom curtain printing services, more information on custom cushions here. We also offer placement prints or engineered panels printing services
  • What is your minimum order?

    Our minimum order is 1 m for custom printed fabrics and 1 cushion cover for custom cushion printing.
  • What is your turnaround

    For custom fabric printing services our standard turnaround is 5 working days.  Express orders 24 hours ( conditions apply) to 4 working days. 10 business days is our standard turnaround for cut and make orders such as scarves, cushions, tea towels, table cloths etc, we also offer express services where possible.
  • Do you offer colour matching ?

    Yes, we do offer colour matching services. We can either colour match to provided Pantone colour or a physical swatch. We do not match colours to the computer screen.
  • What digital files are accepted for printing?

    For online orders we accept JPEG images. For One on One premium service we accept JPEG, EPS, TIFF, PDF files files in RGB colour format. See more about artwork requirements here.
  • Do you accept customer supplied fabrics?

    Yes we do, subject to testing. See more about supplying your own fabric here.
  • What type of artworks/designs can you print?

    We can print any styles of artworks and designs. We can print in seamless all over repeat, panel photographic prints, banners, swimwear mark-ups, placement prints for fashion garments or cushions…you are only limited to your imagination and project requirements.
  • How can I send you the files?

    For online orders you can upload your file here and start an ordering process right away. Files for our One On One premium service can be uploaded via Digital Fabrics file uploader.
  • Can you help me with my artwork?

    Yes, we have a clever design team that can assist you in developing your artwork from the outset or reworking existing files to get them print ready. Just ask for a quote here.
  • Are there any printing limitations?

    We are limited to a max print width of about 145cm on most of our stocked fabrics. We will also not print any copyright infringed artwork.
  • How long does the printing take?

    Our standard lead time for printing is 5 working days from payment in full, strike off/print proof approval or terms and conditions acceptance. Freight times vary depending on location.
  • What areas do you service?

    We’re based in Sydney and ship orders all over Australia and the world. We ship to New Zealand, Singapore,  Japan, Europe, US and all over Australia – Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Cairns, Darwin. Australia wide shipping is fast and competitively priced.
  • What other services can you provide?

    On top of our standard printing services, we can also assist you with textile & graphic design, finishing services such as banner requirements and sewing of cushions, tea towels, pillow cases, tote bags and scarves. Ask us for a quote here.
  • My question isn't answered here

    Please contact us here, we’ll be happy to answer.

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