Create your fabric




Equipped with the latest advances in digital textile printing technology, and backed with a wealth of knowledge in all phases of textile design and printing, at Digital Fabrics, we make printing your quality fabrics simple so that you can dream up the ideas for your next textile adventure.

  1. Start from getting your artwork ready to print. Artwork should be set up correctly and only final file provided for production. Find all Artwork Tips here.
  2. Pick your fabric. Not sure what fabric to choose for your project? No worries, order a sample pack to test fabric and make your decision.
  3. Choose suitable service option: Online Digital Fabric PrintingOne on One service or Wholesale trade fabric printing.
  4. Once we receive your order confirmation we will start printing process and as soon as your awesome product is ready, we will ship it to you via courier!

 Online Digital Fabric Printing Online Fabric Printing is our DIY fabric printing option. Do you need only small amount fabric printed quickly and on the cheap? Our Fabric Uploader is the way to go, upload your design into our online fabric uploader.  With a few clicks you can upload the design, preview the results and get your order under way. This is the quickest and most cost-effective way to turn your digital designs into fabric! If you are ready to jump into creative process start here.

  • Quick ordering proccess
  • Order online 24/7
  • No Set Up Fee
  • Express Service available

 One on One serviceNeed a bit more help with fabric printing and full support from our team? Choose our One on One service. We will guide you through your fabric printing project and help you to print in the most efficient way is possible. We will help you from a first step of a file setup and preparation all the way to the final delivery of your fabric. With one on one service we offer colour matching, strike-offs, textiles design help, file set up, finishing and making.  Contact as directly for One on One full service assistance if you need help with your order.

  • Dedicated team member
  • Colour matching
  • Strike-offs before production
  • Textile design help
  • File Set up help
  • Finishing and making

 Wholesale trade fabric printingPrinting regularly large runs? Ask us about wholesale trading services for businesses. We offer customised fabric printing solutions and wholesale pricing structure. We will manage your production order after order, source fabrics for you, colour match, print strike-offs and all of this on a fast turnaround with a high quality and service. Contact us with you query and one of our friendly team members with be in touch with you soon.

  • Wholesale pricing structure
  • Dedicated team member
  • Production and colour management
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Fabric Sourcing
  • Free strike-offs before production
  • Free shipping
  • Textile design help
  • File Set up help
  • Finishing and making