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At Digital Fabrics we print on cotton fabrics and other natural fabrics using direct to fabric printing technology.  In direct digital fabric printing rolls of cotton fabric are printed using large format digital printing machines directly onto fabric. We can print your design with unlimited colours on your choice of fabric. For printing on cotton fabrics we use woven bases such as cotton voile, cotton drill, cotton linen, linen deluxe and cotton poplin. Created from fibres that occur in our natural world, cotton fabrics are very pleasant to wear.  They are great to wear as it’s cool and comfortable next to the skin due to their excellent moisture absorption. Natural fabric is suitable for fashion garments, tablecloths, bedding, baby clothes and various craft projects. Our cotton fabrics have a nice handle and feel and are beautiful all around your home and family. If you’re after large regions of pure flat colours we recommend poly fabric, as we do not recommend printing large regions of pure, flat colours on these fabrics.  Also, some prints on natural fabric have a tendency to fade as a result of washing. We recommend doing a wash test of fabric samples to determine the colourfastness that suits your project best before committing to a full print run as each fabric responds to washing differently. 


    Pure Linen has a gorgeously textured surface which perfectly embodies simplicity and elegance. This fabric has fine weave and bright white base. Our Pure Linen is excellent for drapery, cushions, signage. 100% Linen. Printable width 140 cm. Fabric weight: 245 gsm. This fabric is not recommended for tea towels and fashion garments.

  • organic custom fabric


    Poppy is a luscious 100% Organic Cotton fabric in Sateen weave with a slight sheen. This fabric has a beautiful colour reproduction when printed due to its bright white base colour. The Poppy fabric has a soft handle and is woven in a perfect weight for Fashion garments and accessories such as skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, bandanas, and hair scarves. It would also be suitable for homewares such as table linen, pillowcases, and other DIY projects. Fabric weight is 140 GSM, and printable width is 145cm.

  • Allora ORGANIC NEW

    Allora sateen weave fabric is made from 100% organic cotton. This fabric has beautiful colour reproduction when printed and although stiff with a great structure, it softens nicely after washing. “Allora” is 150 GSM and is an excellent choice for fashion garments such as dresses, pants, jackets, shirts, also suitable for pillowcases, table linen, wall hangings, tote bags and many more creative projects, the fabric is very versatile. Printable width of Allora is 145 cm.

  • Printing on recycled cotton


    Canvas weave Mona fabric made from 100% cotton with 50% of it composition coming from recycled fibers. The fabric has fantastic colour reproduction when printed and although stiff like a true canvas, softens nicely after washing. “Mona” is 230 GSM and is perfect for cushion covers, zipper pouches, tea towels, wall hangings, banners, tote bags, beach bags and jackets. Printable width of Mona is 145cm.

  • Romance

    100% Rayon, this wonderfully soft fabric is lightweight (100GSM) and made from 100% rayon fibres. Romance has a fine satin weave with a smooth texture, and has a maximum printable width of 140 cm. This fabric’s fine weave, good drape and finish makes it a fantastic choice for fashion projects! Ideal for dresses, women’s blouses, scarves, long summer tunics, sarongs, bandanas and pocket squares. Romance has a white base with a touch of warmth and a gorgeously subtle sheen to it’s finish, providing good-strength colour reproduction when printing.

  • Ebe

    Cotton Jersey fabric with soft handle and small rib textured surface is ideal for any product where comfort is paramount. This cotton jersey fabric has a tight knit, some stretch in the width, not transparent and provides a good colour output. Medium weight and good drape of the fabric offers versatility and perfectly suitable for dresses, casual style shirts, pants, pyjama, tops, bandanas, pillow cases, kids wear. 100% Cotton. Printable width 145 cm. Fabric weight: 220 gsm.

  • Ashton ORGANIC

    This super comfy fabric is proudly Knitted in Australia. Beautifully soft and lightweight 100% organic cotton jersey perfectly suitable for summer garments, bandana, scarves, pyjama, kids wear and swaddles. Ashton fabric has a white colour base with a smooth texture. Good stretch in the width of the fabric offers comfort in wear. This fabric has soft colour reproduction and as such, we do not recommend printing dark saturated colours on this fabric. 100% Cotton. Printable width 150 cm. Fabric weight: 150 gsm.

  • Cotton Drill

    Cotton Drill fabric, strong, durable natural fabric with twill weave and texture. 100% cotton fabric 195 gsm , this natural fabric is suitable for upholstery, drapery, banners, cushion covers, tea towels, shoes, bags. 140 cm printable width.

  • Cotton Poplin

    Cotton Poplin fabric is durable plain weave natural fabric. 100% cotton 105 gsm. This superb fine quality cotton poplin fabric is an excellent choice for fashion garments such as shirts, dresses, skirts, perfect for kids wear, suitable for pillow cases and napkins. 140 cm printable width.

  • Cotton Voile

    Cotton Voile is a soft semi sheer natural fabric made from 100% cotton, 90 GSM. This natural fabric is similar to a muslin and is suitable for scarves, sheer drapes, tunic and karftans, baby swaddles and wear, and other fashion garments. This fabric has a printable width of 140cm.

  • Printing on linen fabric

    Cotton Linen

    Beautiful cotton linen blend fabric with a great soft linen texture. Bright white colour of the fabric ensures vibrant colours in print. About 250 GSM. 140 cm printable width. This fabric suitable for all craft projects, clothing, drapery, banners, cushion covers, tea towels, shoes, bags.

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