Design Library Terms and Conditions

As a small company, our designs are our lifeblood – so we have to ask you to accept the following terms and conditions before we will send you our design library.

Please click the “Accept” checkbox to agree that you accept the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you should not accept the terms and you should not submit this form.

a) All designs in the design library are the exclusive and valuable property of Digital Fabrics Pty Ltd, and are commercial-in-confidence and protected by copyright law.

b) Digital Fabrics does not grant you any rights in the design library, including but not limited to rights of reproduction in any form, modification, manipulation, creation of derivative works or otherwise processing or dealing with our designs, save for a non-exclusive licence to view the design library on a computer system solely for the purpose of making a determination if you would like to licence all or part of the design library.

c) You agree to treat our confidential designs with at least the same degree of care as your own confidential business data, and that you will not pass copies of our designs in any form, electronic or otherwise, to any third party without our prior consent.

d) You accept that the provision of the design library for review purposes does not guarantee that any design will be available for licencing to you at any time in the future, and that you may not use (or assume a design is available for use) until you have received a licence from Digital Fabrics for its use.

e) You agree that your licence to view our designs expires 45 days after they have been provided to you, and you will remove all copies of our designs from your computer system after 45 days, or earlier if Digital Fabrics Pty Ltd requests that you do so.

f) You accept that the misuse, misappropriation or dissemination of Digital Fabrics Pty Ltd’s designs may cause irreparable damage to our business and agree to indemnify Digital Fabrics against all losses including loss of business and legal enforcement costs incurred as a result of your failure to comply with the terms of this agreement.

g) This agreement is made under the laws of the state of New South Wales in Australia, and you accept the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales in any dispute.

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