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Can I bring my own artwork to use within workshop structure? Yes, you can. Bring your artwork hard copy and use it within your design layout that you will be creating on the day.

Can I bring my own digital file? Absolutly!

Can I create more than one design? Yes, you can.

Can I print more than one product? At an extra cost you can print as many different products as you like.

Can I create product in different sizes? Yes, you can, also workshop is structured so you will come away with enough knowledge to design and create artwork at any size.

Will I be printing at your workshops and classes? No, you will not be printing fabrics

Will I be sewing my product? No, you will not be sewing your own product on the day.

If I order my product when will I receive my product? You will receive your product within 2 weeks after the class.

Do I need to bring my own computer? Yes, you are require to bring your laptop with Photoshop installed.

Can I use other software than Adobe Photoshop? Unfortunately not at our school.

Do I need to bring my laptop charger? Yes, as it’s a full day workshop you will need your charger for the day.

Do I need to be a photographer?  No

Do I need to bring a USB? We will be have USB’s, however it would be great as a back up.

Do you have parking onsite? Parking on site is limited. During work week all nearby streets are busy. Our studio is in an industrial area.

How long is the break? 30-40 min.

Do you have disabled access? No.

Is your school for graphic designers only? No, however you need to have basic skills in Photoshop, or sussesfully pass our Textile Design for Photoshop Beginners workshop prior any other classes.

What material is the fabric and is the print on both sides? Depending on the product we will choose the best suited fabric for your product. Only one side will be printed.

How many students per workshop?  4-8 students per class.

How do I bring you the design I would like to have printed? You can bring your artwork on USB or hard copy that will be scanned here. Feel free to bring any objects such as paintings, flowers, textures, objects,  …. that you would like to incorporate into your design with you on the day.

Can I pay for the school in installments? Sorry, we do not offer payments in installments.




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