Textile Design and Graphic Design Services


We understand just how tricky it can be to turn those big design ideas you have, into a reality! Whether it is digitizing existing artwork, preparing files for print or simply learning the best methods for bringing your ideas to life, Digital Fabrics can help. Depending on the nature of your project, your exact needs and your existing skill set, we can help you with the following textile design and graphic design services:

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  • Artwork resizing and scaling of designs
  • Digitization of hand-drawn artwork, including modification and preparation of the artwork for digital manipulation
  • Changes to designs as per your specifications, including reworking of existing repeat patterns or other digital files
  • Preparation of artwork and putting it into a seamless repeat ready for digital printing
  • Design layout for seamless repeats and repeat set up
  • Colour changing and manipulation
  • Digital colour separation
  • Fashion prints trend forecasting
  • Product development
  • Fabric print design development from your moodboard to final print
  • Placement print layout

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