Textile Design For Photoshop Beginners


Ever dreamed of having your own design printed along meters and meters of fabric but always been a little nervous about opening up a program like Adobe Photoshop?

Never fear, your opportunity is here to open the program and learn the basics that can have you on the road to designing and printing your own fabric in no time! Focusing on the very fundamentals of Photoshop and how they can be used to create design layouts and seamless repeats from photos, scanned images and more. Come along with your ideas and your artwork ready to be scanned in and at the end of the day, you can have a repeating design ready to send to print.

Covered in the workshop:

  • What is digital fabric printing and what is a seamless repeat
  • Scanning artwork and taking it into Photoshop, converting your art into digital format
  • The basic functions and applications of Photoshop
  • Learn basic repeat set ups and how to get your file ready for digital fabric printing

Course Requirements:

  • This workshop is for those with very little to no Photoshop experience. If you know what the marquee tool is and how to use it, you might want to consider the Full Drop repeat or Design Your Own Products workshops instead.
  • Adobe Photoshop installed on your personal laptop. Required to bring your laptop (don’t forget the charger cable) to work on during the day.
  • Your best creative self and an open mind

Cost: $ 260

Dates: April 22 & 29 from 9:30 – 4:30 pm with a break for lunch, light refreshments available. This workshop runs in two different days with a week long break between the classes for homework and best material digestion.

Additional costs

After the workshop, you can choose to have your design printed. This is at an additional cost and would need to be arranged with Digital Fabrics following the workshop.



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