Cotton Linen

  • COMPOSITION: 97% Cotton 3% Linen
  • WEIGHT: 250 GSM
  • PRINTING METHOD: Direct to Textile Digital Printing

Cotton Linen blend fabric features a gorgeous linen texture and a natural off-white colour base. The density of the blend creates a robust natural fabric with strong colour reproduction and is suitable for interiors, homawears, events and some fashion garments.

FABRIC USAGE: Cotton Linen gives a decadent feel to cushions, table cloths, jackets, bags, tea towels, wall hangings, and event back drops.

FABRIC CARE: Hand wash or machine warm wash in half loaded machine with a phosphate-free detergent, on gentle cycle with like colours. Tumble dry in half loaded dryer or hung to dry.

If you’re after large regions of pure strong flat colours we recommend poly fabric, due to slightly less vibrant colour reproduction on natural fabrics. Durability of direct to textile prints are lower than sublimation on polyester, print will slowly loose its vibrancy creating soft organic look.

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