Dalia Dragonfruit Blooms - Tina Dinte


Dalia Dragonfruit Blooms is the frst in my exotic fruit series. The digital illustration isn’t meant to be realistic but representational of a dragon fruit with its seeds and deep red colour. The background is a brilliant purple and the fruit is a combination of red, lime green, soft aqua and light purple. I teamed the illustration up with a close up of my abstract painting titled ‘Nourishment of the Sea’. The name of the design was inspired by the floral type bloom from the top of the dragon fruit. Repeat Tile Size: 25cm x 25cm Size of largest dragonfruit: 22cm Size of smallest dragonfruit: 5.5cm Design printed on high quality fabric, please pick your fabric base in the drop-down menu below. Fabric is measured, cut and sold by the metre. Fabric colors may vary from what appears on your screen.

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