Meet the Designer – Julia Reader

Welcoming the talented Julia Reader as our next featured artist in The Designer Project – along with her wonderful fabric collection ‘Flowers & Foliage’ 

To coincide with Julia’s fabrics being available in our Fabric Shop, she has also put together a guest blog which shares some background information about the artist herself, the inspiration for the collection and how Julia likes to work creatively. The blog is simply a joy to read! Keep reading to find out more! 

Julia Reader

Hello! My name is Julia and I am the graphic designer and artist behind Julia Reader Creates! I work from a small light-filled studio in Mount Gambier, South Australia in which I sell a small range of creative products from original art and textiles to paper goods. I also teach watercolour from a large, refurbished farm-house table! 

Watercolour paintings that will transfer to a pattern.

I live in the lovely Limestone Coast of South Australia. I am surrounded by nature and it fuels all of my creativity. I have a particular fascination with Australian native flora and fauna, but do love a dahlia too! 

Princess Gum flower – design inspiration

My creative process usually starts with a photo that I have taken. My phone is filled with videos and photos of plants and their flowers – it’s a creative library of sorts. This library sits idle until I have a brush in hand, of which I search for the image that talks to me the most. A lot of the time I have no idea what I will create, and I love the spontaneity of that. Some of my best work has arrived from having fun and experimenting. I also have a love for colour and this finds its way into my work naturally. 

Watercolour paintings that will transfer to a pattern.

I scan in my watercolour paintings and clean up the elements that I plan to use in my pattern. This can take quite a while to do, and oftentimes I don’t use everything that I paint. I tweak colours and layout until I am happy, and will also apply the pattern to a mock-up file just to see how the pattern will transfer to a product. 

Crab Apples Watercolour Motifs

Crab Apples Design Mockups

I have a large store of watercolour paintings that I sift through every once in a while. I love to re-purpose my artwork and combine different elements and styles, so having this archive of artwork allows me to do that. 

Stored Paintings for future inspiration

As an artist, my aim is to always create what feels aligned. By working in this way, my style remains authentic and will continue to evolve with me over time. I invite you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I share my work and my inspiration. Or, head over to my website where you can see everything that I do! I hope to see my patterns on your products in the future – and please make sure you tag me as I love to see where my creations end up! 

Much love, Julia 


Flowers & Foliage is a collection of nature-inspired, abstract prints that are influenced by the bright and wondrous things that Julia finds on her daily walks (she is a collector of leaves, shells, feathers and more). From the colour of Autumn leaves and crab-apples to the shapes of gum and grevillea leaves, these prints are designed with homewares in mind, but work beautifully on scarves, dresses and children’s wares. 

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