New Chevy Fabric

We have another very exciting addition to our fabric range which we are dying to introduce. Please meet our newest polyester fabric, the Chevy! We think this will be a particularly exciting launch for those with budding summer fashion projects!

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_chevy_2

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_chevy_3

Chevy is a polyester / spandex blend (92% polyester / 8% spandex) which provides the fabric with a little stretch. The small amount of stretch provides the fabric with some give, making it a really comfortable fabric to wear.

The fabric has an off-white base, with a chevron weave and a matte finish. The fabric’s composition and finish, results in strong colour reproduction when printed, making it an excellent choice for projects with bright and deep colours.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Chevvy_5Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Chevvy_6

Chevy is a mid-weight 170 GSM fabric that is both durable and smooth to touch. Chevy is ideal for fashion garments designed to have structure to their form, whilst still being super comfortable to wear. We think the Chevy will be perfect for light suit jackets and blazers, bomber jackets, pants, culottes, shorts, skirts and dresses.

Digital Fabrics_Chevy_Tata NakaTata Naka

Digital Fabrics_Chevy_Vogue Spain

Vogue Spain

Digital Fabrics-Chevy_Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer

Whilst we think this fabric is most suitable for fashion applications, it’s durability, printed colour results and resistance to creasing would also make it a great choice for some interiors and events projects, such as tablecloths and banners.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Chevvy_1

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Chevvy_4

Sample swatches of Chevy are available now through our Sample Pack Order Form. Get in touch with any projects you think our Chevy would be great for!

Snippets: Chats With Creatives – Series 2, Snippet 4

Snippets’. Chats with Creatives. We are back with series two! Here at Digital Fabrics we love everything print, pattern and colour and we love to know what makes designers tick. This second series is all about asking some fun and different questions and learning about the inspirations and ideas behind the artist and their work. We hope to inspire others by sharing snippets of these creative stories. We gave the artists and designers featured a varied and different set from series one list of questions to choose from so we will learn something new from everyone involved, should be fun!

Today on snippets we are talking to Bianca from Bianca Smith Designs who creates artworks that are about empowering women and combine her love for theatre, ballet and beauty in a majestic and magical way. Her style is very unique and she creates a variety of artworks that translate across mediums.

biancasmithdesigns_snippets_series_2_image4Tell us a bit about yourself, your brand/label name what your creative practice is, how and when you began:

My name is Bianca, known affectionately by friends as ‘Bi’, which I also use to sign all of my work.

I’m a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist by trade and I am based in Adelaide. I’ve been a Graphic Designer for close to 20 years where I am able to use my flair for design, but my true passion is art, so over the past 10 years I have invested every moment I can into refining and developing my visual art skills. I love to draw, paint and create.  My utopia is producing art all day every day!

My art work always addresses the empowerment of women – almost a goddess status. Bringing together my love of theatre/ballet and beauty, I try to capture the strength and beauty of my characters in an almost theatrical way. I take inspiration from the novels that I read featuring female heroines as well as the inspiring women that I meet. My use of dramatic light and beautiful models assists in portraying the strength and resilience of women.

Drawing from my other love, fashion, I did a series of illustrative for Australian Fashion Labels. My works focused on capturing the strength and confidence of the girls that wear their clothing, whilst portraying the playful essence of the brand. By mixing monotone drawings with a splash of colour, I aimed to change the tone and strength, creating images of women who are powerful yet delicate. This is universally at the core of what I produce.

biancasmithdesigns_snippets_series_2_image2Where do you call home?


What 3 words best describe your creative style.

Illustrative, Modern, Contemporary.

Which part of the creative process is your favourite and why?

I love the conception of a piece of artwork.  The tumbling of images in my mind, which eventually form and crystallise from an idea, a concept, into a clear vision.  That vision then becomes an obsession, a desperate struggle to be formed with exact replication.  I obsess over sharing my image with precision and that drive continues throughout the process, that desire to replicate perfectly is a bitter, sweet scuffle.

How would you describe your work, and what influences your style?

Although my artistic style can, and does vary, depending on my life and surroundings, I’m also heavily influenced by fashion illustration and my own passion for clothing.  The textures, the colours, the cut, and the design all inspire me. I predominantly work in pastel and watercolour and although I create every piece of artwork by hand, I then use the finished original image, together with various digital techniques to create a series of pieces, combining my art with my design skills.

Fashion and women heavily influence my style. I love, love, love fashion, perhaps another personal obsession!


What does a typical creative day look like for you? How do you stay on plan and organised?

After getting up at the crack of dawn to exercise and then get my kids ready and off to school, I usually start my working day with a much-needed coffee and the checking of emails. Unfortunately, the reality of life means some days I don’t leave my computer, but whenever time permits, I surrender to my obsessive desire to escape to my studio and create.

Depending on which stage in the process a piece of artwork is, you will either find me upstairs in my studio drawing life into an image or enhancing that original piece of art in Photoshop as I design something for my unique collection of diary covers, pillows, cards, and homewares.

I’m a deadline kind of a girl, it’s the only way I can stay on task. That’s why I love projects where there is an objective and a deadline. I thrive under pressure and produce my best work with adrenaline, conflicting priorities and a little chaos.

biancasmithdesigns_snippets_series_2_image7What would your dream creative project look like? Who or what is your dream project, client or job? Tell us about why you would love to collaborate with them and what you find inspiring about their work.

My absolute dream creative project would be working collaboratively with a ‘fashion house’ to illustrate their models and garments for window display and the associated promotional campaign.  Having unrestricted access to their design method, the inner workings of a label and seeing their creative process unfold would be nothing less than inspirational.  To then have the honour of representing that in art form, bringing that vision to life is my ultimate goal.

If you could spend a day in another artist’s studio shoes who would that artist be?

Kelly Smith of ‘Birdyandme’ fame, works with all the top fashion labels around the world and I’m a massive fan of her work. If I could be in her shoes for a day I would honestly be living my dream. Or Gabriel Moreno – who is an AMAZING artist overseas. He has a remarkable ability to capture the delicacy, strength, and sensuality of women in his drawings. They are just astonishing! I would love to even have a day in his studio to watch him work.

biancasmithdesigns_snippets_series_2_image6.jpgbiancasmithdesigns_snippets_series_2_image1What would you say is the biggest challenge when working for yourself ?

Staying positive about your work!

Social media can be a double edge sword as it both inspires and intimidates. It is full of people posting about their successes and digital platforms have a knack of focusing on the positives whilst minimising or eliminating the negatives, the sacrifices, struggles and setbacks.  It is easy to assume “their” life is perfect, easy, and unattainable when there a no posts about failure.

The truth is, for every success there has usually been many challenges, rejections, and disappointments. It’s important to learn from them all and allow it to fuel your growth, stretch you, and inspire you. I often question my skills and direction, but sometimes you just need to believe in yourself and your vision. And then of course practice, practice and practice some more until your craft is refined to its full potential.

If you could go back and tell yourself one hot tip or piece of advice when you started out what would it be?

Believe in yourself and follow your heart

What has been your proudest creative business achievement to date?

Doing an artist residency with Australian Fashion Labels. I worked from their creative hub in Adelaide City for 3 months, putting together a dedicate exhibition, which was then displayed in their store windows throughout SALA (South Australian Living Artist).

What projects or collaborations from last year stuck out, good or bad and what is coming up this year that you would like to plug!

The project that stood out for me last year was doing all the illustrations for the wine labels of an established winery in Mclaren Vale. They will be launching very soon, I cant wait to share them.


biancasmithdesigns_snippets_series_2_image8You can follow what Bianca is up to: Website, Instagram, Facebook.

New Whisper Fabric

We’ve been really committed of late to sourcing gorgeous new fabrics to offer all of our customers, and are very pleased to introduce the second NEW addition to Digital Fabric’s polyester range – the Whisper. If you’ve been dreaming of a fantastic alternative to silk, with a hint of stretch and zero sheen, then this dreamy fabric’s for you!

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_whisper_1

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_whisper_3

Whisper is a light-weight fabric with a matte finish and a bright white base, which provides excellent colour reproduction when printed. The fabric’s smooth textured surface makes visible the fine details of designs making it perfect for prints with lots of elements and / or texture.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Whisper_7

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Whisper_10

The fabric is a polyester / spandex blend with a good amount of stretch, and has an ultra-fine surface. Whisper’s feel and flexibility makes it a perfect choice for fashion garments and accessories as it is really comfortable to wear, and soft to touch. Whisper’s slinky, liquid-like drape makes it a great matte substitute for silk, and is most similar to our Dilly fabric. We think this fabric will be just perfect for scarves, skirts, dresses, blouses, lounge-wear, undergarments and soft accessories.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Whisper_3

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Whisper_1

Sample swatches of Whisper are available now through our Sample Pack Order Form. Get in touch with any projects you feel the Whisper would be fabulous for!

New Oliver Fabric

Lately we’ve been committed to finding gorgeous new fabrics that we can offer to all of our customers! After plenty of research, sourcing and testing we are very excited to announce that we have a NEW fabric! Introducing Digital Fabrics’ newest polyester fabric – the Oliver. For those looking for a new fashion fabric the Oliver is definitely something you’ll be interested in.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Oliver_2

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Oliver_1

The Oliver is a lightweight, 127 GSM Polyester Spandex blend (95% Polyester / 5% Spandex), which provides the fabric with a little stretch, making it a really comfortable option for fashion garments. Oliver has a bright white base with a matte surface, which results in strong colour reproduction when printing! The fabric is breathable, super-soft to touch and has an excellent drape.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Oliver_8Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Oliver_5

This fabric is ideal for fashion applications, especially for those designing easy to wear, relaxed garments. Oliver is perfect for dresses, skirts, tops, soft accessories and loose-fitting Activewear.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Oliver_6Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Oliver_3

Sample swatches of the Oliver are available now through our Sample Pack Order Form. If you’ve got an idea you think the Oliver might be perfect for, we’d love to hear from you!

Palm Springs Competition Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered our ‘Palm Springs’ design competition, we had so many great entries and loved all the different design styles and mediums used to create them. It was a difficult decision choosing the winners but we are happy to announce them today!

The top Ten were chosen by you the public :

Palm_Springs_top_ten_ designs_banner_600_pixelswideThe team at DF have chosen the following designs as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners:

1st Prize goes to Tyago BK – This design was inspired by photographs taken of Palm Springs landscape and architecture.

2nd Prize goes to Sandra K Stewart – This design was inspired by it’s shopping district, vintage boutiques and fashionista vibe including the Coachella festival.

3rd Prize goes to Lang Matkovic – This design was inspired by a pastel coloured palette and the palms of palm springs.

Palm_Springs_winning_designs_bannerThe prizes are as follows:

Tyago BK

1st Prize $250 worth of custom printing and a 45cm x 45cm cushion with the winning design artwork on it.

Palm_springs_submission_tyago_bk_1st_prize_blogSandra K Stewart

2nd Prize $100 of custom printing and a 45cm x 45cm cushion with the winning design artwork on it.

Palm_springs_submission_Sandrakstewart_2ndprize_blogLang Matkovic

3rd Prize $50 worth of custom printing and a 45cm x45cm cushion with the winning design artwork on it.

Palm_springs_submission_lang_matkovic_3rd_prize_blogThank you to everyone who entered, we are always blown away by the talent in the designs. We shall of course do another one next year so keep your eyes peeled.

Stay creative!

DF team.

Digital Fabrics Sponsors 8Create: The Wearable Art Challenge

digital fabrics 8create wearable art challenge
Digital Fabrics is the proud sponsor of 8Create: The Wearable Art Challenge.

If you are fashion designer and love to test your skills, apply today. Eight lucky entrants will bring their original designs to life in a three-day fashion workshop at Westfield Warringah Mall. Each will create a custom piece of wearable art in response to a design brief developed by our competition mentor: `
Henry Roth – Host of Project Runway Australia.

The winner will receive:
• A two-hour exclusive mentorship session with Maticevski at Westfield Bondi Junction
• $2000 in Westfield Gift Cards
• $500 gift voucher from Digital Fabrics for custom fabric printing

Check the Westfield website for more details

Digital Fabrics Part of Dlux Sartorial

dlux sartorial creative talent digital fabrics
Mark your agendas because Digital Fabrics will be part of the Dlux Sartorial creative event on Wednesday, 21 September!  Super talented creative teams working on bringing different elements sound, light and fashion together into wearable art pieces. Sydney people, come and join us!

Experience the future of #fashion with Dlux Sartorial on Wednesday, 21 September from 7pm at 74-76 Pyrmont bridge road, Annandale. See how artists and designers weave technology into clothing. Tickets $15. For more details visit the Dlux Sartorial website.

DIY Pleated Bodice+Circle Skirt Dress | DIY with Digital Fabrics

DIY Pleated Bodice+Circle Skirt Dress DIY with Digital Fabrics
The beauty with fabrics is what you can make with them. Creative DIY talent Oaishe created a gorgeous DIY pleated bodice and circle skirt dress using the TEA ROSE cotton sateen fabric

In her tutorial she shows us how to beautiful details of how she creates the pleats in the bodice and then how you can create and attach the circle skirt to create a unique dress. For this DIY project you need about 2-3 yards/meters of fabric.

Did you know that printing fabrics with us is super easy? Create your design, Upload and pay, Receive your fabric! Our minimum order is just 1 m.





Our New Fabric Designer JeliRAD

We are introducing our new fabric designer JeliRAD. JeliRAD won our Winter Blooms fabric design competition and her winning design is for sale our fabric shop!

double exposure jelirad fabric floral fabric digital fabric fabric printing 2

Her Double Exposure print is a beautiful romantic floral design that is great for a dress or swimwear and is easy to wear and implement within various fashion garments.

JeliRAD is a passionate surface designer her work is inspired by surrounds and nature. She lives in beautiful Byron Bay surrounded by pristine beaches, sunshine & rugged wilderness.

She made this design using 35mm double exposure photos. They are of her husband, her daughter, & landscapes that are overlapped with pink & purple flowers from all over the island.

fabric design development JeliRAD

fabric design, designer fabric by JELIRAD, digital fabrics, dress fabric, fashion fabric fabric design, designer fabric by JELIRAD, digital fabrics, dress fabric, fashion fabric, size

Do you love this design? Support JeliRAD! Pick this design and print on any of our stock fabric, whichever is suitable for your project!

And for a limited time only, we are offering an introductory prices. Don’t miss the chance to buy JeriRADs Double Exposure fabric, use INTRO promo code on checkout and get 10% off. This offer will last till the end of this month only!










Digital Fabrics + Pink Chocolate Break

Recently we have collaborated with Jocy from Pink Chocolate Break. She is an outstanding DIYer and very stylish creative individual. Jocy used our Tulip Time design printed on ponti fabric and created a beautiful Spring Jacket.

digital fabrics, custom fabrics, spring jacket, pink chocolate break

She is courageous and creative, she will inspire you to create beyond any rules and fear. Watch her outstanding creative skills and her beautiful jacket!

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