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New Vesna Eco Lycra Fabric

You asked, we listened! After receiving plenty of interest in recycled lycra fabrics we’re very excited to announce that we have introduced one to the Digital Fabrics Fabric Range! Introducing our NEW Vesna Recycled Eco Lycra.

Vesna is an innovative 85% Recycled Polyester / 15% Spandex fabric made using recycled plastic bottles and has a maximum printable width of 147cm.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_unprinted fabric_Vesna Lycra_web_2

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_unprinted fabric_Vesna Lycra_web_1

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_unprinted fabric_Vesna Lycra_web_3

Vesna has an off-white base and a smooth surface with a slight sheen – not too matte and not too shiny! Vesna’s composition and finish provides really vibrant printing results, making this fabric ideal for designs with bright and deep colours.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_printed fabric_Vesna_web_4

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_printed fabric_Vesna_web_3Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_printed fabric_Vesna_web_5

Vesna is 230 GSM with an even four-way stretch and moisture wicking properties. It also has a chlorine rating between 4-5 and a UPF rating of 50 making it perfect for swimwear and active-wear garments. We think the Vesna will also be a great choice for fashion leggings, dresses, skirts, dancewear and costumes.

Digital Fabrics_digital fabric printing_Vesna Eco Lycra_Blog_4Image via Pinterest

Digital Fabrics_digital fabric printing_Vesna Eco Lycra_Blog_1Image via Pinterest

Digital Fabrics_digital fabric printing_Vesna Eco Lycra_Blog_2Image via Pinterest


Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_fabric sample swatch_Vesna Eco Lycra_web_2

Sample swatches of Vesna are available through our Sample Pack Order Form. Get in touch with any upcoming projects that you think our Vesna might be great for!

Polyester Canvas Fabric

Canvas. You’ve definitely heard of it but what is it used for? We’ve put together an article that gives you some insight into the specific Polyester Canvas fabric that we use; covering its specs, digital printing characteristics and recommended usage! Keep reading to find out why this fabric is one of our most popular choices from our Fabric Range.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_unprinted fabric_Polyester Canvas_web_1

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_unprinted fabric_Polyester Canvas_web_2

Our Polyester Canvas is a premium canvas fabric and is 100% polyester, highly durable and has a maximum printable width of 147cm.

Fabric With Stripes_Custom Fabric Printing_Fabric on Demand_Digital Fabrics_Sorbet Dream

Fabric With Stripes_Custom Fabric Printing_Fabric on Demand_Digital Fabrics_1

Polyester Canvas is a plain weave fabric with a smooth and consistent texture. It has an optic white base colour ensuring high quality colour reproduction for dye-sublimation printing. This fabric is an excellent choice for designs with bold and dark colours with vibrant and rich printing results.

fabric printing_custom fabrics_print your own fabric_polyester canvas fabric 72 dpi

Digital Fabrics_Stock fabrics_custom fabric printing_Polyester Canvas_ 72 dpi

This heavy duty fabric is 300GSM, water resistant, easy to care for and has no stretch. Our Polyester Canvas is incredibly versatile and can be used for soft furnishings, upholstery, cushion covers, handbags, tote bags, back packs, commercial displays, wall hangings and photo mounting. This commercial grade fabric is a particularly good choice for interiors. We’ve included some examples below of the types of projects that our Polyester Canvas would be perfect for!

Digital Fabrics_Blog Post_Polyester Canvas_Recommended_1

Digital Fabrics_Blog Post_Polyester Canvas_Recommended_4

Digital Fabrics_Blog Post_Polyester Canvas_Recommended_6

Digital Fabrics_Blog Post_Polyester Canvas_Recommended_5

Sample swatches of the Polyester Canvas are available through our Sample Pack Order form on the website. Got a project in mind but not sure if this fabric is suitable? Get in touch and we can help you determine the best choice for you!

Textile Collection Wildflower

It’s that time again – our design team has been busy working to deliver new range of textile designs for our Fabric Shop that delight and inspire. Having focused solely on digital methods to create designs for our previous launch we’ve returned to hand-drawn and hand-painted motifs, texture and line for our latest range. Introducing our Wildflower Collection.

Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Watercolour Illustrations_Wildflower_2

Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Watercolour Illustrations_Zephyr_1

Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Watercolour Illustrations_Tea Party_2

Once again we found ourselves being inspired by nature. It’s hard not to be when it still feels like Summer in Sydney. Our research began by collecting imagery of picture perfect gardens and the creatures that lie within them. These were then used to start drawing and painting interesting forms and surfaces.

Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Watercolour Illustrations_Eclipse_1

Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Watercolour Illustrations_Viper Sun_1Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Watercolour Illustrations_Zephyr_2

From the variety of motifs drawn, a selection of watercolour elements were chosen to develop further for the range, with detail rich designs being an area of focus. We wanted to create a range of prints where the designs could work on their own as well as complement each other when used together. By choosing the unifying feature of watercolour motifs across the range we knew we could be experimental with colour and still create a balanced and harmonious collection.

Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Watercolour Illustrations_Tea Party_1

Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Watercolour Illustrations_Eclipse_2

Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Watercolour Illustrations_Viper Sun_2

The Wildflower Collection plays with primary colours throughout the designs, with warm and cool variations of reds, yellows and blues being seen throughout. This balancing of undertones and vibrant colours results in a fun range of designs perfect for those who love to make a statement by mixing and matching bold prints together. We’ve included some reference imagery below that show not only designs comparable to those in this collection, but also those that celebrate the art of clashing prints.

Wildflower_Inspiration_1image via Pinterest

Wildflower_Inspiration_2image via Pinterest

Wildflower_Inspiration_3image via Pinterest

Wildflower_Inspiration_4image via Pinterest

Wildflower_Inspiration_5image via Pinterest

The Wildflower Collection is full of dramatic colours, textural hand-drawn elements and motifs that feel both ‘naughty and nice’. Whilst ‘Viper Sun’ and ‘Tea Party’ are best suited for fashion rather than homewares, ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Zephyr’ can definitely work well for both. We’d love to know what sort of applications you think these designs would be perfect for – so get in touch! Designs are available in our Fabric Shop now.

Digital Fabrics_Textile Design_Wildflower_Hand Painted Designs_Mockup_1_web

Cotton Poplin Fabric

This time on the blog we’re focusing on one our most popular fabric choices from our range of Natural Fabrics – the Cotton Poplin! Even if you haven’t printed on our Cotton Poplin before there’s a good chance you’ve seen, used or worn similar Cotton Poplin fabrics. It’s a first choice fabric fora variety of products, garments and homewares.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_unprinted fabric_Cotton Poplin_web_1

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_unprinted fabric_Cotton Poplin_web_3

Our Cotton Poplin is a high quality lightweight 100% cotton fabric which is both durable and versatile, and has a maximum printable width of 140cm. This plain weave natural fabric has a smooth surface making it great for designs with intricate and fine details. It has a warm white base colour and a matte finish. The Cotton Poplin’s tight weave allows for good colour reproduction when printed.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_printed fabric_Cotton Poplin_web_2

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_printed fabric_Cotton Poplin_web_1

When selecting the Cotton Poplin please keep in mind that some fading as a result of washing is normal for digital printing on natural fabrics. The fading often gives the Cotton Poplin a charming and soft ‘worn’ look. Fading can be minimized through the use of cold hand-washing and phosphate free detergent.

Digital Fabrics_Stock fabrics_custom fabric printing_Cotton Poplin_72 dpi

fabric printing_custom fabrics_print your own fabric_cotton poplin fabric 72 dpi

Cotton Poplin is 105 GSM and has no stretch. It has a crispness to its drape and holds it shape very well, making it ideal for fashion garments such as shirts, dresses, skirts and kids clothing. It is a particularly good choice for Summer fashion! The fabric is also a popular choice for pillowcases, napkins, displays and beeswax wraps. We’ve included some reference images below which

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_fabric sample swatch_Cotton Poplin_web_1

Sample swatches of the Cotton Poplin are available through our Sample Pack Order Form on the website. Contact us to find out if this fabric is a suitable option for a textile project you’re working on!

Waratah Fabric

Lately on the blog we’ve focused on writing about any new fabrics for printing we’ve introduced to the Digital Fabrics range. Whilst we’ll continue to write these fabric introductions, you can also expect us to write up on some of our old favourites, to help keep you familiar with our complete Fabric Range for printing and make the right selection for your next textile project!

This time we’re brushing up on a long standing Digital Fabrics favourite – Waratah! Our Waratah is a 100% polyester fabric which is highly durable, easy to care for and has a printable width of 147cm.


Digital Fabrics_Waratah_Polyester Fabric_unprinted_01

Digital Fabrics_Waratah_Polyester Fabric_unprinted_2

It is a twill weave, medium weight fabric with a bright white base and slight sheen to its surface. Waratah’s composition and finish provides excellent colour reproduction when printing, making it perfect for designs with vibrant and deep colours!

fabric printing_custom fabrics_print your own fabric_waratah fabric 72 dpi

Digital Fabrics_Stock fabrics_custom fabric printing_Waratah_ 72 dpi

Waratah fabric is 200 GSM and has minimum stretch meaning it holds its shape very well. This makes Waratah fabric an ideal for homewares applications such as cushion covers, tablecloths and wall hangings, as well as marketing collateral such as banners and signage. We think it’s such a great choice for interiors we’ve chosen Waratah as the standard choice for Digital Fabric’s Custom Cushion Cover Service!

Digital Fabrics_Waratah_Polyester Fabric_1

Digital Fabrics_Waratah_Polyester Fabric_2

Interested in Sample swatches of Waratah fabric are available through our Sample Pack Order Form. Get in touch to find out if this fabric suits your upcoming project!

New Chevy Fabric

We have another very exciting addition to our fabric range which we are dying to introduce. Please meet our newest polyester fabric, the Chevy! We think this will be a particularly exciting launch for those with budding summer fashion projects!

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_chevy_2

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_chevy_3

Chevy is a polyester / spandex blend (92% polyester / 8% spandex) which provides the fabric with a little stretch. The small amount of stretch provides the fabric with some give, making it a really comfortable fabric to wear.

The fabric has an off-white base, with a chevron weave and a matte finish. The fabric’s composition and finish, results in strong colour reproduction when printed, making it an excellent choice for projects with bright and deep colours.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Chevvy_5Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Chevvy_6

Chevy is a mid-weight 170 GSM fabric that is both durable and smooth to touch. Chevy is ideal for fashion garments designed to have structure to their form, whilst still being super comfortable to wear. We think the Chevy will be perfect for light suit jackets and blazers, bomber jackets, pants, culottes, shorts, skirts and dresses.

Digital Fabrics_Chevy_Tata NakaTata Naka

Digital Fabrics_Chevy_Vogue Spain

Vogue Spain

Digital Fabrics-Chevy_Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer

Whilst we think this fabric is most suitable for fashion applications, it’s durability, printed colour results and resistance to creasing would also make it a great choice for some interiors and events projects, such as tablecloths and banners.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Chevvy_1

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Chevvy_4

Sample swatches of Chevy are available now through our Sample Pack Order Form. Get in touch with any projects you think our Chevy would be great for!

Snippets series 2 – Snippet 5 Kalaii Creations.

 Snippets’. Chats with Creatives. We are back with series two! Here at Digital Fabrics we love everything print, pattern and colour and we love to know what makes designers tick. This second series is all about asking some fun and different questions and learning about the inspirations and ideas behind the artist and their work. We hope to inspire others by sharing snippets of these creative stories. We gave the artists and designers featured a varied and different set from series one list of questions to choose from so we will learn something new from everyone involved, should be fun!

Today on snippets we are talking to Stacey from Kalaii Creations who is an artist and designer who loves working with watercolour, creating textile art, and helping creative brands with their surface pattern and design needs as well as teaching workshops! She has a flair for colour and a style that is elegant, playful and enchanting.

Kalaii_Creations_snippets_1_image_5Tell us a bit about yourself, your brand/label name what your creative practice is, how and when you began:

My name is Stacey and I established Kalaii Creations in 2016 when I was on maternity leave with my second baby. I needed a little bit of me time, and participated in a creative workshop and from there I was hooked! My creative streak was reignited. I was always very interested in drawing in my school years, and did art through high school, but lost track of it all during my later years. I am so glad to have found it again! I started by making an Instagram page, and sharing some of my artwork, and soon had orders coming in for custom pieces and I just decided to explore it all, and it has opened up a lot of doors for me. Now I host creative workshops with Workshop Brisbane, The Craft Parlour on the Gold Coast, in shopping centres, and I am soon to help teach a textile design workshop, with you here at Digital Fabrics which I am very excited about! Currently I focus on watercolour art, graphic design, textile design and creative workshops ranging from knitting, watercolour art and textiles. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

Stacey_Biggs_Kalaii_CreationsWhere do you call home?

I have been based in South Brisbane, Queensland, for most of my life (I moved from NSW when I was just a baby).

What 3 words best describe your creative style.

Feminine, Boho inspired, Vibrant

Which part of the creative process is your favourite and why?

I love the initial stages of creating, when a client comes to you with their vision, and their inspiration, and you get a rush of exciting ideas and ways in which you can help them. I love being able to see what I will paint in my mind, and then how I can manipulate that in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and then still always be pleasantly surprised at the finished result.


Kalaii_Creations_snippets_1_image_10What does a typical creative day look like for you? How do you stay on plan and organised?

A typical day for me is a little bit of a hot mess actually! I have two kiddies under 5, and I also work at a Brisbane based university for 3 days a week and thus arrange my creative design work at varying stages around this. Mostly I work at night, once the kiddies are asleep and I host my creative workshops on the weekends. I stay on top of my workload by completing little bits every day, and stay organized by using a Passion Planner. I write down all my clients needs and deadlines, and I also write down all the personal designs, and tasks I want to achieve within my business, which keeps me focused!

What would your dream creative project look like? Who or what is your dream project, client or job? Tell us about why you would love to collaborate with them and what you find inspiring about their work.

I would love to further explore the possibilities of having my designs feature more on active wear and swimwear out in the market place. I would love to be custom creating designs for people left right and centre! I find it so exhilarating when you see your artwork making a product pop! I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with Sarah from @saltysparrowbikini on her new line release coming later in the year. I would also love to work with @midoribikinis. I love their designs and aesthetics and feel my designs would fit well with this brand.

Kalaii_Creations_snippets_1_image_3 Kalaii_Creations_snippets_1_image_4Which other artists/ designers/ makers, artists or creative people are you enjoying at the moment?

I am currently in love with @jessswan_art I love the colours she uses, the shapes, tones everything! It is mesmerizing watching her work!

Tell us about your creative space, what are your tips for keeping a creative studio space organised?

It is my dream to soon create a creative space. Currently I work from my dining table (I know there are many of you out there just like me) and I also have a very small old fashioned house which does not leave a lot of room for arts and crafts and product storage. I use a combination of storage draws and desk space to stay on top of my organisation at home. I am hoping soon to extend our house for multiple reasons, and I may just sneak in a little studio while I am at it!

What has been your proudest creative business achievement to date?

My proudest creative business achievement to date and a dream come true is an upcoming swimwear design project I have been able to assist with. Sarah from Salty Sparrow Bikini (@saltysparrowbikini), has chosen my designs to feature on her first swimwear line which I am over the moon about! I am also super excited to be working with Jemma from Newymummyblogger on the designs for an upcoming project she will be releasing soon. But I will keep that hush hush for now :) Another major achievement for me is being able to work so closerly with Digital Fabrics to help teach textile design classes. I keep pinching myself about this amazing opportunity!

Tell us about how you get your creative juices flowing, what is your process?

I love speaking with new clients about their design ideas and inspirations, as often their ideas require me to push my artistic and creative boundaries each time. They make me think outside the box and think of ideas/combinations that I would not have ventured into, if it was not for their influence! This is my favourite part! Then I usually research their inspiration and competitors to get a vibe for the type of project I am working on and then I get to creating. I usually see the end product first, and then work towards creating the elements to bring this to reality.

Kalaii_Creations_snippets_1_image_6What projects or collaborations from last year stuck out, good or bad and what is coming up this year that you would like to plug!

I have loved working with Workshop Brisbane, The Craft Parlour, Sarah and Jemma, and also Lauren from @cocokini_ (another bikini designer who has also featured my designs)

Kalaii_Creations_snippets_1_image_1I am super excited to further develop my relationship with Digital Fabrics and help by teaching textile design class for beginners, and I look forward to printing some more fabrics for some special pieces I have in mind. Watch this space! My next venture is the release of a cute little day clutch, great for the beach, where I have collaborated with Kate from  @blue_eyed_girl_creations who has helped to sew the clutches for me. I can’t wait to see what people think of them.

Stacey_Biggs_Kalaii_CreationsYou can follow what Stacey is upto: Website, Instagram, Facebook

New London Fabric

We’ve been flat-out lately delivering fresh updates to our fabric stock range, and we’re very excited to introduce another polyester / spandex blend for you to get creative with! Say hello, to our new London fabric.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_london_2

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_london_7

The London is a mid-weight, twill weave polyester fabric with just a little bit of stretch (95% polyester / 5% spandex), making it a really versatile addition to our polyester range. It’s 218 GSM makes it the sturdiest number out of our recent fabric additions.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_London_3

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_London_7

The fabric has a matte surface, and a bright white base which results in really vibrant colours and crisp details when printing designs. This surface makes it perfect for designs with strong graphic elements and bold colours. The mid-weight fabric’s touch of stretch means it’s perfect for fashion garments that need to have both structure and a comfortable fit. We think the London will be ideal for trousers, jackets, outerwear and relaxed suiting. Wrinkle resistant London is perfect choice if you are looking for a fabric that doesn’t require much care.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_London_4

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_London_1

Sample swatches of London are available now through our Sample Pack Order Form. We’d love to know what you’ll be using the London for, so get in touch!

New Print Designs – Garden Party

Flowers and lemons and popsicles oh my!

During winter it’s just so easy to find yourself drawn to a neutral colour palette and minimal prints. To help unshackle you from the unlikely effects of the cold we’ve launched a new range of playful textile prints which are anything but drab. Introducing our Garden Party collection!

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_kids textile designs_floral print design_3

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_kids textile designs_lemonade print design_2Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_kids textile designs_popsicle print design_1

For this range we wanted to use sweeter than pie motifs, a mixture of neutral and bold colours and a consistently light-hearted theme.The quirky designs all began on paper, using pens, pencils and watercolours to create a variety of textures and lines. The artwork was then manipulated, edited and layered digitally to resolve and polish the designs.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_kids textile designs_floral print design_5

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_kids textile designs_lemonade print design_3

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_kids textile designs_popsicle print design_4

Figurative designs can sometimes feel a bit too kitsch. To avoid this we combined bold colours with softer hues and mixed both textural and minimal elements within the same design. Negative space was also played around with, and as a result is varied across the designs, as they range from heavily detailed to simplistic.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_kids textile designs_floral print design_1

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_kids textile designs_lemonade print design_5

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_kids textile designs_popsicle print design_5

The collection delivers a series of grown up novelty prints for the young at heart with whimsical designs and a statement colour palette! Designs are available in our Fabric Shop now! We’ll be keeping a keen eye on what you create with these prints, so get in touch if you have a project in mind!

New Whisper Fabric

We’ve been really committed of late to sourcing gorgeous new fabrics to offer all of our customers, and are very pleased to introduce the second NEW addition to Digital Fabric’s polyester range – the Whisper. If you’ve been dreaming of a fantastic alternative to silk, with a hint of stretch and zero sheen, then this dreamy fabric’s for you!

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_whisper_1

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_whisper_3

Whisper is a light-weight fabric with a matte finish and a bright white base, which provides excellent colour reproduction when printed. The fabric’s smooth textured surface makes visible the fine details of designs making it perfect for prints with lots of elements and / or texture.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Whisper_7

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Whisper_10

The fabric is a polyester / spandex blend with a good amount of stretch, and has an ultra-fine surface. Whisper’s feel and flexibility makes it a perfect choice for fashion garments and accessories as it is really comfortable to wear, and soft to touch. Whisper’s slinky, liquid-like drape makes it a great matte substitute for silk, and is most similar to our Dilly fabric. We think this fabric will be just perfect for scarves, skirts, dresses, blouses, lounge-wear, undergarments and soft accessories.

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Whisper_3

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_polyester fabric_Whisper_1

Sample swatches of Whisper are available now through our Sample Pack Order Form. Get in touch with any projects you feel the Whisper would be fabulous for!

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