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‘Whimsical Nature’ Textile Collection by Dominique Collins

It’s come that time again to introduce our newest featured artist of The Designer Project! Today, we are delighted to introduce the exceptionally talented Dominique Collins and her awe-inspiring textile collection, ‘Whimsical Nature“. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of the ‘Whimsical Nature‘ textile collection, where textile artistry meets cuteness and child-like imagination!

Dominique draws her inspiration from the great outdoors, whether it’s spending time with the kids or enjoying activities like running and cycling. Nature’s vibrant palette of colors and shapes fuels her creativity, and her curated collection beautifully reflects this, featuring rainbows, leaves, snakes, and flowers.

What’s even more exciting is that all of Dominique’s exquisite designs can be transformed into custom designer fabrics of your choice. Now that we’ve given you a glimpse, it’s time to dive deep into each of these cute enchanting designs. Keep reading to uncover the hidden treasures within ‘Whimsical Nature”!

Foxes and Blooms is full of sweet fox and foral motifs, inspired by the whimsical movements and shapes foxes make while running and jumping, while the flowers are inspired by the dainty wax flowers you find in native Aussie flower bouquets.

Foxes features super cute little foxes against the most lovely blue background. The blue really makes the orange foxes pop in the design! It was also inspired by the whimsical movements and shapes foxes make while running and jumping.

Rabbits and Blooms showcases the delicate and cute movements rabbits make while exploring a field of flowers. It has a wonderful pink colour palette with pops of blue and orange.Rabbits features the most adorable little pink bunnies! We love the soft and gentle vibe of this design and the white background really makes the Rabbits the star of the show.

Rocket into Space is full of bright and playful rockship motifs. It was inspired by Dominiques son and his infinite love for space!

Blooms and Shrooms Midnight Blue and Blooms and Shroom Peachy Beige feature a magnolia tree and morel mushroom colour palette to create a bright yet whimsical feel. The motifs are inspired by vibrant mushrooms and Dominique’s daughters love for pretty little flowers.

Rainbows Forever is a fun and colourful design, filled with gorgeous bright watercolour rainbows. The watercolour details and colour palette give a handmade fun feel.

Falling Soft Blueberry Blue Leaves and Falling Peachy Pink Leaves are beautiful delicate designs, filled with soft rounded leaves. It makes you think of nature during the autumn and winter season, leaves falling from the tress making a confetti leafy art in the backyard.

Snake in Leaves Peachy Pink gives a soft yet playful feel while popping with vibrant colour. Imagine snakes gathering in the leaves, their beautiful colours and how they flow from one destination to the next.

The possibilities are truly endless with Dominique’s ‘Whimsical Nature’ collection. Our ideas above are suggestions only and we hope they’ve gotten your creative wheels turning! Each of Dominique’s designs can be found in our Fabric Shop online.

New Fabric – 100% Pure Linen!

After months and months of testing, we are super excited to finally announce that we have everyone’s favourite fabric in our range…introducing Pure Linen! 

Keep on reading to find out all about our newest print base fabric and get inspired for your next project! 

digital fabrics_digital fabric printing_linen_pure linen_fabric base_natural fabric 1digitally printed Pure Linen sample featuring ‘Gypsy Skull’ by Brianna Pawlik


Our Pure Linen is a divine mid-weight 245GSM fabric that is 100% Linen, and has a maximum printable width of 145cm. This woven fabric has the loveliest linen slub texture and a vivid white base colour, that ensures good colour reproduction when printed. This is an ideal fabric for home and interior purposes such as cushion covers, table linen, creative signage & banners such as wedding signs and curtains. 

digital fabrics_digital fabric printing_linen_pure linen_fabric base_natural fabric 3 unprinted Pure Linen fabric

digital fabrics_digital fabric printing_linen_pure linen_fabric base_natural fabric 4close up of unprinted Pure Linen fabric

When considering our Pure Linen for your next project please keep in mind that some fading after washing is normal for natural fabrics that have been used for digital printing. The fading often gives our printed natural fabrics a softer finish which suits the natural fibre itself. Fading can be minimized through the use of cold hand-washing and phosphate free detergent.

digital fabrics_digital fabric printing_linen_pure linen_fabric base_natural fabric 5digitally printed Pure Linen fabric featuring ‘Strawberry’ design

digital fabrics_digital fabric printing_linen_pure linen_fabric base_natural fabric 2

digitally printed HEX colour swatches on Pure Linen

Sample swatches of Pure Linen are available through our Sample Pack Order Form in our ‘Natural Fabrics’, ‘Home and Interiors’ and ‘Super Pack’ sample packs on the website. Contact us to find out if this fabric is a suitable option for your next textile project!!

The Bestsellers of 2022

We wish you could see the collective happy dance we do when we get to complete a new order, help someone’s vision come to life, or execute some amazing idea for a creative. No matter what, we are so happy to do what we do, and we love that you love it too! In 2022 we saw so many incredible ideas come in, and fabrics go out. Here’s a roundup of the bestselling fabric types and products you loved in 2022.

Our bestselling fabrics of 2022:



Chiffon is stunning with its light-weight, sheer fabric with a white base and matte crepe surface. This delicate fabric is soft to touch, has a gorgeous drape and is extremely versatile. We recommend using chiffon for art displays, fashion accessories such as kaftans and scarves, or evening wear and bridal.

Cotton Poplin

It’s a first choice fabric for a variety of products, garments and homewares. Our Cotton Poplin is a high quality lightweight 100% cotton fabric which is both durable and versatile. This natural fabric has a smooth surface and plain weave, making it great for designs with intricate and fine details. It has a warm white base colour and a matte finish. The tight weave allows for good colour reproduction when printed.

It has a crispness to its drape and holds its shape very well, making it a staple fabric option for fashion garments such as shirts, dresses, skirts and kids clothing, especially for summer wear! The fabric is also a popular choice for pillowcases, napkins, displays, hankies and beeswax wraps.

Cotton Linen

A homeware essential, our beautiful cotton linen blend fabric has a great soft linen texture and naturally adds a touch of coastal luxury. The bright white colour of the fabric ensures vibrant colours in the printing process.

Our cotton linen is suitable for cushion covers, tea towels, table linen, wall hangings and creative signage, as well as tailored jackets, shoes and bags.


Our bestselling products of 2022:

In case you missed it, Digital Fabrics can cut, make and send your very own customised products and homewares. It’s such a joy providing standout elements for events, home, businesses and more. How can you get creative with our products?

Cushion Covers

Our most popular custom product of 2022, the essential accessory to any interior space. Used for comfort, for style and for expression in the home, in the office or at an event – you love our cushion covers!

For your custom cushion printing you are welcome to supply your unique image or use some of our designs, it’s your choice. Feel free to browse through our print collection and pick your favourite design.



Custom scarf printed and made for Sancha Prowse Art

Let your personality shine through when wearing a custom scarf designed by you! Custom scarves are available in a variety of sizes and fabrics so that you can create the perfect scarf for your product line, an outfit or event. Our scarves are digitally printed, hand-cut and finished with a machine-sewn fine rolled hem.


Tea Towels

Custom printed and made tea towels

Whether you use them decoratively or practically, Custom tea towels are a fun and easy way to share your artwork! Custom tea towels are made with your choice of cotton drill or cotton linen. Using quality, absorbent and durable natural fabrics and are the perfect way to freshen up your kitchen, create a beautiful hand-made gift or brand your business.

Reach out to us to bring your vision to life, we’re excited to see what makes the bestseller list for 2023.


Bespoke fabric printing for business & marketing

Unique branding has always been a cornerstone to success for any business, and in 2022 it is no different. A game once stacked in favour of the bigger businesses with the resources to employ oodles of marketing and production staff, the age of the internet and social media has allowed non-for-profits, government agencies and small business to enter the playing field with corporate merchandise. The internet has allowed custom design agencies such as Digital Fabrics to jump onto the scene providing businesses with the branding of their dreams. Then, there are the new marketing opportunities that now present themselves with just the click of a phone camera. As of 2019, nearly every single Australian adult between 18 and 49 owns a smartphone, and that rate is only projected to increase with an ageing population. That means every potential customer on your radar has the ability to take a quick snap and upload an image to Facebook or Instagram – and show your branding to the world.Think photos in front of banners at events, tote bags shopping at local markets – there are literally thousands of opportunities to get your brand out there for free. And in the age of climate change and environmental awareness, customers are taking more and more educated decisions when it comes to spending their dollars ethically and sustainably. That’s why we are proud to offer a range of environmentally-friendly textiles for commercial clients, to take advantage of the digital environment and take their branding to the next level. The possibilities in this space are endless. Here are just some of the products we have brought to life for our clients in a corporate or marketing setting:

Corporate event branding – these tote bags were a hit for the 2022 NSW Training Awards. Everyone loves goodies to take home from conferences and events, and by using a reusable product that is also sustainable, their longevity means they become someone’s new beach or shopping bag – and your branding remains front and centre. These totes were made by recycling old banners. Don’t they look amazing!

custom tote bags

In-store merchandising – these funky barrels are what pastel dreams are made of. We teamed up with the fantastic team over at Local Beverages to make these custom keg covers for one for an event. As you can see, the idea was to create giant versions of their delicious spiked iced tea drinks, they turned out so cute. These were printed on and made from our Eco Recycled Vesna Lycra so they stretched nicely over the kegs and had a snug fit, promoting their seltzers in a style that is unique to their business. The best of it all these covers can be washed and easily relocated to the next promotional event space. We love a creative way to promote new products without the need for basic blackboards or promotional posters.

fabric for marketing fabric for marketing


External Promotions – Whilst we’re often completing print orders in less than a week, sometimes we assist with projects that take a little longer to bring to life (but are worth the wait). A great example of this is the artistic collaboration between two Australian artists; Clayton Blake & Courtney McCue. Check out these portable tentacles that hit the Gold Coast as a part of the Sand Safari Artist’s Festival in Surfers Paradise. They certainly caught a few curious people and their iPhone’s attention!


Backdrop and Stall Merchandising – whilst innovation and ingenuity help keep business ahead of the game, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to get the most out of your marketing. Backdrops and banners have been the backbone of visual presentation for market stalls and small outlets for over a century.

Image courtesy of Finders Keepers Market

Image courtesy of Finders Keepers Market


It’s no secret we are passionate about supporting the dreams of small business and those with the entrepreneurial spirit, so we have jumped on board as a sponsor for the upcoming Finders Keepers event in Sydney on Friday 9 to Sunday 11 December 2022.

The Finders Keepers are the brainchild of two friends, Sarah Thornton and Brooke Johnston. Kicking off in 2008, they have grown from a humble side-hustle to become Australia’s leading design marketplace.

Digital Fabrics are proud to sponsor such a wonderful initiative that shares our values of inspiring sustainable and conscious shopping whilst promoting the talent on our very own shores.

For stallholders looking to make the most out of their Sydney display or for your upcoming Christmas market stalls, now is the time to get your thinking caps on and order your brand new designs with Digital Fabrics in time for December. Think branded and bright backdrops, table cloths or get extra creative with one of our specialists, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you and your brand.

We can’t wait to see what our creatively conscious community will dream up for their business and marketing needs.


Lilli of Frocks and Frou Frou – Make an Impressionist

For the launch of our new organic cotton fabric Poppy we asked Lilli of Frocks and Frou Frou to test it for us. Lilli is a creator and a maker and we were so excited to collaborate with her. We sent her the Hearts Garden design print by Susanna April on Poppy sateen fabric to create a dress that her readers would love, and to share with you also! As Lilli said: The Poppy is light enough to billow when it catches the wind, but with a weight of 140gsm, it’s perfect for use in items that need just a little structure! Interested to know more about Lilli’s creation? Keep reading Lilli’s blog post! 
green organic cotton designer fabric-1950’s party-dress

Dress pattern: Cashmerette Honeybourne, made from cotton sateen fabric Poppy printed by Digital Fabrics (print design by Susanna April)

I am not, let’s just say, an accomplished sewist. I can sew a straight(ish) seam, and I’ve more or less learned how to read the instructions of a sewing pattern. I know the difference between a French seam and a felled one. But apart from moving a hem up or down I don’t really know how to do alterations. About this time last year I bought myself a copy of Jenny Rushmore’s book Ahead of the Curve, thinking that it was probably time to teach myself how to do a full bust adjustment at the very least.

Reader, the book sat on my shelf. Then it sat on my shelf a little more. And then the team at Digital Fabrics got in contact to see if I’d like to road-test their brand-new cotton sateen, and I thought ‘Ooooh, I’ll need to make something really special with that!” and decided maybe it was time to try my very first Cashmerette pattern.

Based in Sydney, Digital Fabrics is a digital textile print house that prides itself on its quality, quick turnaround, and ease of design services. All their inks are non-toxic and water based, and they have a huge range of fabrics on offer including cotton, rayon, linen, ponti, lycra, canvas and more. They also offer on-demand cut-and-make product services for people who might not sew, but would like to take advantage of the ability to print their own artwork onto cushions, teatowels, curtains, totebags, etc.

On the website they have straightforward tutorials on how to create your own seamless fabric repeats, and if you’re feeling Very Serious about this textile design thing, you can actually take a one-on-one online class that will guide you through the process. Or you can do what I did, and simply choose an existing print from Digital Fabrics’ gallery of artists.

The print that I chose leapt out to me from the screen with its gorgeous painterly hues of blues and greens and hints of pinks. It reminded me immediately of Claude Monet’s Water Lillies series. Perhaps aptly, it’s called My Heart’s Garden, and it’s by Brisbane based artist, Susanna April.

Digital Fabrics sent me My Hearts Garden printed on their beautiful new Poppy sateen, a 100% cotton fabric with a slight sheen, and a soft hand-feel. It’s light enough to billow when it catches the wind, but with a weight of 140gsm, it’s perfect for use in items that need just a little structure. Which is to say: it was perfect for Cashmerette’s Honeybourne.

The Honeybourne is available exclusively with Ahead of the Curve, and it’s a woven dress pattern with a darted front, sleeves, and a full skirt. It’s the pattern where Jenny teaches you a brand range of alteration techniques, including full and small bust adjustments, a narrow shoulder adjustment, a full bicep adjustment, a swayback adjustment, and broad back adjustment. It comes in sizes 12-32 and in three cup ranges: C/D, E/F, G/H. I made the 18 E/F, and full disclosure – for all my hyping myself up to learn how to do adjustments, it fit perfectly (as far as I can tell) straight out of the packet.

With the full gathered skirt, fitted bodice, and half-length sleeves, it’s got a real 1950’s party-dress vibe to it. There’s an enormous amount of yardage in that skirt – it’s actually six panelled, though the abstract print disguises that well – and it’s actually the perfect length for me to wear over my tulle skirt when I really want to fancy it up.

I love the pattern, and I LOVE the fabric; which at just $44 per metre (limited time only) is virtually the same price you’ll pay for fabric from one of the big European design houses. I’m keen to try my hand at designing my own print next time (or enlisting some three-year-old help!)

Have you felt inspired reading Lilli’s blog post? Are you ready to dive into your own creative project? If so, don’t forget to visit out fabric shop online to view an enviable range print-to-order designer prints!

Print on organic cotton. New Organic Cotton Fabric – Poppy!

Print on organic cotton. Organic cotton fabric Poppy

This year our focus is to test as many new fabrics as we can find and get to know fabric mills worldwide. Through our exploration, we came across our new fabric base which has won our hearts.

Say Hello to our latest addition to the fabric family, Poppy! This fabric has a soft handle, a lovely texture when washed (you probably won’t even want to iron it!), brilliant colour reproduction and most important of all, colour fastness.  We simply couldn’t resist introducing this glorious fabric to our range.

Keep on reading to find out more about our brand-new natural fabric print base and get inspired for your next project!

holiday theme fabric

Fabric design: Sunday Drive to the Coast – Sue Michael

designer fabric Digital Fabrics

Printed Poppy fabric. You can print your own artwork online or select a unique design from Australian artists and designers in our Fabric Shop! 

 checkered fabric

Fabric design: Checkered Lavender – Britney Munday

sunflowers fabric

Fabric design: Sunflower Fields – Andrea Maurer

Poppy is a luscious 100% Organic Cotton fabric woven in fine sateen weave with a slight sheen. It has beautiful colour reproduction when printed due to its bright white base and washes well keeping the print lovely and bright. Even though this fabric washes well, the pigment inks are one of the most fragile inks on the market and require special care. For the best results, we recommend washing the fabric gently by hand with cold water or a cold, gentle machine wash with phosphate free detergent.

unprinted Poppy fabric

Unprinted Poppy fabric

colour wash testing

Left side: colour chart before wash. Right side: colours and shrinkage after wash.

It’s a wonderfully versatile, easy to sew fabric with a maximum printable width of 145cm. It has a weight of 140 GSM making it a perfect lightweight print base for fashion garments and accessories such as skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, bandanas and hair scarves. It would also be suitable for some homewares such as table linen, pillowcases or even a sweet wedding banner!

textile design inspiration

Image source: Rachel Antonoff

textile design inspiration

Image source: Poppy and Honesty via Etsy

Sample swatches of Poppy are available through our Sample Pack Order Form in our ‘Natural Fabrics’, ‘For the Little Ones’ and ‘Super Pack’ sample packs on the website. Contact us to find out if this fabric is a suitable option for your next textile project!!

red poppy fabric

Fabric design: Sunset Poppy – Jenni Rogers

snake fabric

Fabrics design: Snakes in Leaves Peachy Pink – Dominique Collins

Poppy fabric printing base samples

Samples of Poppy fabric can be ordered online

How printing to order helps create planet-friendly fabric

Planet-friendly-fabric-digitaly printed on demandWhenever you choose to order custom fabric through Digital Fabrics instead of a retail store, you reduce fabric waste in the world. The reality is that every year, Australians discard an average of 23kgs of textiles per person. In total, approximately 800,000 tonnes of textiles are sent to Australian landfills each year (and more has been historically sent overseas). This makes Aussies the second highest consumers of textiles behind the United States.

As we are emerging into the new world of social media and the ease of shopping accessibility, micro trends (which typically last 3-5 years) are now playing out in a matter of months.

The rise of fast fashion

Fashion is now the second most polluting industry on the planet – usurped only by oil production. The business of churning out fashion options to hungry consumers who crave the head-spinning speed of trends has a lot to answer for.

When large clothing conglomerates begin a design cycle, they order immense amounts of fabric. If all this fabric is not used, or if the clothing isn’t in demand; it becomes something known as deadstock fabric. Deadstock fabrics remain in the system, generally becoming waste, destined for landfill or incineration; generating greenhouse gases and other toxic emissions.

In 2018, we saw many eyes turn to fashion houses as whistleblowers exposed the burning of perfectly good stock, in order to preserve exclusivity. Fast-fashion giant H&M reportedly destroyed 60 tons of new and unsold merchandise between 2013-2017, a strategy also undertaken by Louis Vuitton, Nike and Burberry.

On top of this issue, according to UN figures, the production of one cotton shirt requires 2700 Litres – the amount a person drinks in 2.5 years! The 2.5 trillion dollar fashion industry is the 2nd highest user of water in the world. These numbers are shocking.

In May 2021 participants from across retail, fashion, charity, production, environment, research and waste management came together for Australia’s first ever National Clothing Textile Waste roundtable, hosted at Parliament House in Canberra.

This roundtable signals the start of a collaborative effort, drawing on a diversity of expertise across Australia to create action to reduce waste from clothing textiles going to landfill. There was a particular focus on increasing the ability to recycle textiles and driving action to improve product stewardship of textile waste. However, this doesn’t address the amount of textiles still being produced at large.

Why Digital Fabrics are doing things better

At Digital Fabrics, we don’t have piles of unsold or unused fabric sitting in the studio destined for landfill once a trend has trickled down to nonexistence. We only ever print-to-order and with low minimum order quantities of as little as 1 metre of fabric or 1 cushion cover this significantly reduces deadstock and wastage.

Sending us your own fabric designs gives you control over what your label, store or DIY project looks like, aligning directly with your style and project requirements. You can also shop directly from our range of designer textile prints which can be custom printed on any of our stocked fabrics.

Order what you need

Everything is printed for you on-site in Marrickville, Sydney and is strictly print ‘on demand’! This means we only use the materials that are completely necessary for each order placed, with minimal waste. We put a lot of effort and time sourcing our fabrics from reliable suppliers who either manufacture their fabrics preferably locally or have long-standing, established relationships with their manufacturers, ensuring the production and supply of high-quality fabrics. Most of our fabrics are from overseas manufacturers and are OEKO certified, which means that the manufacturer meets certain health, safety, environmental, and quality targets.

Whilst we take measures to keep waste to an absolute minimum there is still some waste during any production process. Any left-over unprinted fabric is either re-used by us for samples and strike-off printing, recycled or donated to local makers or craft groups who always have creative ways of repurposing the fabric. 

We believe in slow fashion, and believe that we can all do our part to reject fast-fashion practices in favour of more sustainable methods, ethical workplaces, and supporting local makers.

Like the sounds of sustainability? Shop our fabrics now.

To gain some knowledge, research, and write this blog post we’ve used information that we’ve found in the reference links below. We know that you are curious just like us so please feel free to browse these links and learn more about textile waste in the world and its impact.


New Fabric – Cooper

Recently, we’ve been testing some fabulous fabric print bases to hopefully add to our print fabric range! One fabric that we are very excited to introduce is called Cooper. This is a fantastic commercial-grade interior fabric suitable for any creative upholstery or drapery projects.

Keep on reading to find out all about this brand-new print base fabric and get inspired for your next project!

Digital Fabrics_Stock fabrics_custom fabric printing_Cooper

Unprinted Cooper Fabric Print Base showing linen-look texture

Our Cooper is a high-quality, heavyweight 100% Polyester fabric that is both durable and versatile, it has a heavy weight of 380 GSM with a printable width 145 cm. This woven fabric has the most stunning linen-look texture and a vivid white base colour with a slight sheen in the slub texture. The vivid white colour of the fabric insures the strongest colour reproduction of digital designs.

Digital Fabrics_Stock fabrics_custom fabric printing_Cooper 3

Digitally printed Cooper fabric

This fabric has undergone the Martindale Test, which tests the durability and abrasion resistance of the fabric. Test results are given as a score of 1000’s of rubs or cycles, and the higher the number is, the more suitable the fabric is for heavier usage. Cooper fabric went through 50,000 cycles…wow! Meaning it’s a suitable fabric for heavy-duty commercial use, heavy-duty domestic use, and all commercial furniture applications and environments. It is important to note that the rub tests were performed on unprinted fabric.

Digital Fabrics_Stock fabrics_custom fabric printing_Cooper 2

Digitally printed Cooper fabric samplesAs Cooper is a polyester fabric, it’s easy to care for. Depending on the finished product it can be washed in cool or warm water using a gentle or standard machine cycle. To reduce wrinkles we recommend washing it in a half-loaded washing machine and for drying to air dry or tumble dry on low-temperature settings in a half-loaded machine.

This fabric is easy to work with, non-slippery, and has great movement whilst holding its shape very well. This makes it ideal for upholstery and drapery purposes such as sofas, chairs, throw cushions, table linen, and curtains. It’s also a perfect choice for some small DIY homewares and accessories projects like tote bags, wall hangings, and picnic rugs.  We have put together a small collection of reference images to inspire you to create with Cooper fabric.

Colourful cushions. Source.

Bright sofa throw. Source.

Elegant bedhead. Source.

Upholstered dining chairs. Source.

Sample swatches of the Cooper are available through our Sample Pack Order Form in Interior and Super Pack packs on the website. Contact us to find out if this fabric is a suitable option for a textile project you’re working on! 

Aerocorp fabric

Interested in our Aerocorp fabric but unsure what it’s used for? We’ve put together an article that gives you some insight into this fabrics specifications, what to expect when printing and the type of projects it works well for. Keep reading to find out why this fabric is such a popular choice from our range of stock fabrics.

Aerocorp is a light-weight, fluid fabric with a fine texture and matte finish. It is 100% polyester, with a maximum printable width of 147cm and a weight of 125GSM. The fabric’s smooth and plain weave gives it the look and feel of a cotton fabric. Due to it’s bright white base Aerocorp provides excellent colour reproduction when printed making it a fantastic choice for designs featuring vibrant and deep colours.

Aerocorp is a microfiber fabric which provides moisture management and breathability which makes it an ultra comfortable fabric to wear. These qualities, teamed with the fabric’s soft surface and good drape makes it ideal for fashion. Shirts, dresses, skirts, bandanas and pants are all popular applications for Aerocorp, as well as some homewares projects including napkins and tablecloths. We’ve included some examples below of the types of products that our Aerocorp would be perfect for!

beautiful table linen

Image via Pinterest

digitaly printed fabric

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Sample swatches of the Aerocorp are available through our Sample Pack Order Form and can be found in our ‘All Stock Super Pack’ and ‘Fashion Fabrics’ sample packs. Get in touch to find out if this fabric will be suitable for your next project!

Cotton Drill Fabric

We thought it would be a great time to introduce another one of our favourite natural fabrics, Cotton Drill! You’ve definitely heard of it, but what is it used for? Below we’ve listed the fabrics specs, printing characteristics and the types of projects, products and applications we think this fabric is perfect for!

Digital Fabrics_custom fabric printing_printed fabric_cotton drill fabric

Cotton Drill is a wonderful mid-weight cotton fabric with a crisp white base. The fabric is strong in construction without being heavy or rigid. The fabric is 195GSM, has a maximum printable width of 140cm, and features a beautiful twill weave and texture. Due to its bright white base, the Cotton Drill provides great colour reproduction when printed!

custom fabric printing digital fabrics print your own fabric_IMG_0082 Cotton drill crop

Please keep in mind when considering our Cotton Drill for your next project, that it’s normal for some fading to occur after washing with printed natural fabrics. Fading can be minimized through hand-washing in cool water and using a phosphate-free detergent.

Cotton Drill is extremely versatile and can be used across both apparel and interiors applications.  Popular uses for the fabric are skirts, jackets, dresses, tablecloths and runners, napkins, banners, cushions, curtains and tea towels. We’ve included some examples below of the types of projects that this fabric is the ideal choice for!

Tea Towel Idea

Tea towelPencil Floral Skirt Idea

A-line skirtJacket Idea

Jacket or coatCushions Idea

Cushion covers

Sample swatches of the Cotton Drill are available through our Sample Pack Order Form and can be found in our ‘Natural Fabrics’, ‘Home and Interiors Fabrics’ and ‘Super pack’ sample packs. Get in touch to find out if this fabric will be suitable for your upcoming project!


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