Cass Deller – The Designer Project

It’s been such a joy showcasing the incredible work of our current feature artist in The Designer Project, surface designer Cass Deller and we hope you’ve adored being introduced to her gorgeous style. Cass creates stunning surface pattern designs which relies on the perfect pairing of her professional graphic design skills with her exceptional watercolour artistry. Her designs are beachy, playful and simply elegant, and we’re so thrilled that Cass has made a selection of them available in our Fabric Shop online. To coincide with this the designer herself has also written a guest blog which we’ve featured below! The blog shares Cass’s background and inspirations before taking you through her typical process when creating a collection. There’s also plenty of snaps of her beautiful studio and designs. Keep reading to find out more about Cass Deller and her work!

Cass Deller

Hey fellow fabric lovers! I’m Cass, and you may have seen my new collection released with Digital Fabrics, inspired by my love of design, colour and coastal living here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Cass’s watercolour paintings

I have been a watercolour artist and graphic designer for over 8 years. For me, seeing my designs on fabric being used in beautiful unique ways is definitely the most rewarding aspect of being a designer. I have collaborated with hundreds of brands over the years and the excitement never wears off.

“Mango Floral”

The process of creating art for fabric is so unique to each and every artist, which is the beauty of each collection. My inspiration has always come from the ocean and that coastal, holiday vibe that we all love. I grew up in Brisbane, however our family holidays were always spent in Noosa. For three weeks of the year we would leave our “real” world behind and soak up the sunshine, sea breeze and sandy beaches. I didn’t realise at the time how much those days would influence me in the future, but they are infused into everything I do now.

Cass painting

When my husband and I both started working for ourselves in 2013, it was a no-brainer to move up the Sunshine Coast where we could build a self-paced life of freedom, and daily beach walks. It’s so easy to be inspired when we are surrounded by this beautiful lifestyle every single day.

“Mediterranean Palette” baby romper mock-up

With each collection, they always start with a feeling or a vibe. The feeling of summer, or of motherhood, or of the simple things in life. I then take these feelings and thoughts and relate them to a subject matter or theme that I’m inspired by at the time. This could be anything from palm trees to lines in the sand.

“Beach Sesh”

I will usually collate a moodboard to gather my thoughts and ideas. The moodboard can consist of Pinterest imagery, photographs and real life elements. I love that each collection can feel so different. From the mooboard I start to sketch. This sketching stage is usually just elements and ideas which I then form thumbnails around how the pattern could be formed. This really helps me when it comes to the process of creating the pattern on-screen.

Cass’s watercolour paintings

Once I have a general idea and direction for the patterns I will start to illustrate and paint the elements – my favourite part. Once I’m happy with the elements, I scan them into the computer where I edit them, experiment with colour palettes, and turn them into repeat patterns.

“Miami Palms” baby blanket mock-up

Being able to intertwine the traditional art of painting and the more modern techniques of design is such an art form within itself, and I love that I can integrate both into my work. I also love that I can teach my process to other creatives through my online courses and coaching offers. Seeing other designers dive into the world of textile and surface design is such a joy for me.

You can find more of my work at www.cassdeller.com.au or on Instagram @cassdellerdesign.

If you want to collaborate with us on The Designer Project and become part of this creative club, please apply! Send us an email with your portfolio and why you would like to be part of this initiative, and we will be in touch!

New Fabric Collection by Cass Deller

It’s that time again where we introduce our newest feature artist in The Designer Project and we are SO excited to announce that the incredibly talented Cass Deller is who we’ll be focusing on this month! Cass is a contemporary watercolour artist and surface designer based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD. Cass loves modern design, watercolour illustrations and hand lettering and attempts to capture the effortless beauty found in nature, through her simple brushstrokes.

Cass’s approach to her art is organic and intuitive and we are so thrilled that she has made a selection of her coastal inspired designs available in our Fabric Shop! Cass’s collection is playful and laid-back, featuring a warm colour palette and gorgeous hand-painted motifs. Each of Cass’s designs can be printed onto any of our fabric base cloths which means you can order custom designer fabric that’s tailored to you! Below we’ve shared a little more about each of Cass’s stunning designs and have included some ideas for the different types of projects we think they’d be perfect for. Keep reading to find out more about Cass Deller’s summery designs!

“Beach Sesh” is inspired by a lazy summer day spent on the beach. The design features delicately hand-painted watercolour motifs set against a beautiful oyster coloured backdrop. The adore the bright little pops of colour the peaches create!

We think “Beach Sesh” would be a gorgeous design to use for swimwear and tea towels.

“Miami Palms” is both chic and understated, pairing hand-drawn palms with a warm backdrop. The colour palette is inspired by coral-coloured sunsets.

We think “Miami Palms” is a great print to use for soft accessories and baby’s clothes.

“Bleu” is a wonderful statement print with bold hand-painted botanic shapes. The design is inspired by the Greek Islands and perfectly pairs a rich blue with a neutral background.

“Bleu” is an excellent choice to create show-stopping homewares and fashion pieces!

“Mediterranean Palette” is bursting with hand-painted fruits and leaves and simply screams summer! The design is inspired by warm days and balmy nights, and has us dreaming of a getaway.

“Mediterranean Palette” is the perfect statement print for playful tableware, bedding and cushion covers.

“Mustard Foliage” celebrates warm, earthy hues and features loose watercolour brushstrokes capturing organic leaves and flowers.

“Mustard Foliage” is a fantastic design for both men and women’s fashion. We’d love to see this used for bucket hats, swimwear and boardshorts!

“Pink Garden” has been hand-painted in a loose, organic watercolour style. The design is soft and feminine pairing beautiful pink and coral blooms with touches of subtle greens.

“Pink Garden” is a great choice for full piece swimsuits, camisoles and men’s summer shirts.

“Mango Floral” is inspired by hot days lounging by the pool. The design features a stunning floral silhouette design and the most gorgeous combination of marigold yellow and a soft blush pink.

We would love to see “Mango Floral” used for summer fashion! We’re thinking sun hats, playsuits and kaftans!

All of our suggestions listed above are just to help get the ideas flowing, The sky’s the limit with this collection and we cannot wait to see the different types of projects you use the designs for! Cass Deller’s complete collection can be found in our online Fabric Shop.

Shelley Lee Steere – The Designer Project

We’ve absolutely adored sharing Shelley Lee Steere’s designs with you all and hope you’re all enjoying this instalment of The Designer Project! Shelley is a primary school teacher turned surface pattern extraordinaire who provides gorgeous designs through her studio label Motif Manor. The designer’s “Australian Flora” collection has been made available in our Fabric Shop and features a stunning range of designs inspired by native flowers. The designs each stand on their own or also work beautifully when used together. What’s more is we’ve been so very fortunate to have the artist herself put together a guest blog which is shared below! Keep reading to find out more about Shelley’s work, inspirations and typical creative process!

Shelley Lee Steere


Hi, my name is Shelley and I am owner and designer behind Motif Manor, where I share my passion for colour and pattern. I love creating patterns and designs to adorn textiles and products that bring added joy to a person’s day. I am so excited to be working with the fabulous humans at Digital Fabrics through The Designer Project, and to share my “Australian Flora” design collection with you.

Some of Shelley’s current sources of inspiration

Marker illustration

About Me

I have a deep love of learning and surface design. In fact, creating patterns was something I even did as a child where I developed an eye for detail. My professional life began as a primary school teacher before focusing on my family, made up of an amazing husband and three fabulous children – including twins! Imagine my delight, years later when I discovered I could design patterns for a job!

The “Banksia” design coming together


My Work 

My work has been described as detailed and intricate.  I am inspired by nature, cultures from around the world and the Arts and Crafts Movement.

My current focus for design (or should I say obsession) is the amazing native flora we have right here in Australia. My process starts with collecting inspiration from books and my own photos. All of my work begins as hand drawn motifs using just the humble pen and paper. I like to capture the shapes and details in my line work before sitting down at my computer.

The wonders of digital technology allow me to take these black and white drawings and transform them into colourful, layered patterns and placement prints. The joy I feel at seeing a pattern come together lights me up.

Marker illustration

“Golden Wattle”

Why Surface Pattern Design?

There is something special about designing that fulfils my need to be creative. I love the challenge of making perfectly seamless tiles and the possibilities of what they can used for. I believe that everyone deserves to have nice things and that beautiful surface design can bring us back to the present moment.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn a bit more about me and my work. I can’t wait to see what you clever people create with my designs!

Head to Motif Manor and Instagram to check out more of Shelley’s amazing work.

If you want to collaborate with us on The Designer Project and become part of this creative club, please apply! Send us an email with your portfolio and why you would like to be part of this initiative, and we will be in touch!

“Australian Flora” – New Fabric Collection by Shelley Lee Steere

For our latest instalment of The Designer Project we’ll be featuring the work of Perth-based surface pattern designer Shelley Lee Steere! Originally a primary school teacher, Shelley is now the owner and designer behind surface pattern focused design studio Motif Manor which primarily creates patterns for home décor, kitchenware, and stationery. We’re very glad that Shelley’s career went in a very different direction because it means she can share her gorgeous surface designs with you all!

Shelley’s “Australian Flora” collection is a gathering together of mini collections which are each inspired by a different native flower. The designs reflect a new and deeper appreciation of the fantastic range of unique and unusual flowers we have here in Australia. The collection features a versatile colour palette and intricately drawn motifs which are truly stunning. What’s more fantastic is that the whole collection has been made available in our Fabric Shop online, meaning each of the designs can be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Below we’ve shared a bit about each of the designs and the types of projects we think they’d be great for so keep reading!

“Gum Blossom at Night” is a rich artwork which sets dancing gum blossoms against a deep, moody backdrop. The design layers lines and motifs, keeping the eye entertained.

We think “Gum Blossom Night” would be a gorgeous design for statement tableware and sleepwear.

“Gum Blossom Leaves” features a timeless colour combination of petrol blue and cream reminding us that sometimes simple is best. The delicately drawn leaf motifs are perfectly scattered evoking the earthy floor of the bush.

“Gum Blossom Leaves” would be a great choice for smaller scale products such as pocket squares, bow ties and zipper pouches.

“Gum Blossom Spots” is a perfectly imperfect polka dot print pairing pale pink spots with a warm blush background. This design, along with “Gum Blossom Leaves” are perfect complimentary designs to “Gum Blossom at Night”.

We would love to see “Gum Blossom Spots” used for hair ties, hair scarves and camisoles.

“Grevillea in Bloom” heroes the incredible grevillea flower through it’s wonderfully intricate design. The floral motifs are structured through a classic ogee shape making the design feel wonderfully decadent.

“Grevillea in Bloom” is the perfect print for statement homewares!

“Grevillea Ogee” is a smaller scale, monochrome iteration of “Grevillea in Bloom”, making it the perfect supporting design! The artwork pairs soft coral shades with the delicately illustrated floral elements.

We think “Grevillea Ogee” would be a great choice for bedding and kitchenware.

“Banksia” is a real statement print, bursting with banksia flowers recognised by their unique sawtooth leaves. The variation seen throughout the warm colour palette gives the design dimension.

“Banksia” would be a fantastic print to use for cushion covers and upholstery.

“Sunrise Banksia” features illustrated banksia flower and seed pods in the same layout, with plenty of space seen throughout allowing the elements to breathe. The design pairs soft peachy tones with a rich chocolate brown to create a really versatile print.

“Sunrise Banksia” is a great design for women’s blouses and wide leg pants.

The warm and earthy colour palette of “Sunset Banksia” has us very much feeling as though we’re watching the sun go down. “Sunset Banksia” along with “Sunrise Banksia” are complementary designs to the “Banksia” print.

We would love to see “Sunset Banksia” be used for accessories or swimwear!

“Golden Wattle” uses teal and mustard to pay homage to the traditionally Aussie “green and gold”! The design features boldly outlined wattle branches whilst subtle echoes of the motifs can be seen layered in the background.

“Golden Wattle” would be a gorgeous choice for sarongs, tote bags and cushion covers.

“Wattle Blossom” features delicately drawn sprigs of wattle set against a rich, teal backdrop. The artwork is a pared-back, complimentary design to “Golden Wattle”.

We think “Wattle Blossom” is a wonderful design for bucket hats, swimwear, and tote bags.

Shelley admits that “Protea” isn’t inspired by a native flower, however it’s definitely one we’d like to call our own. Strong, hand-drawn and layered protea flowers peek out from behind rustling leaves in this large-scale print

“Protea” is the ideal statement print for homewares which we’d love to see used for cushion covers, tableware and over the top curtains.

The possibilities are truly endless with Shelley’s “Australian Flora” collection. Our ideas above are suggestions only and we hope they’ve gotten your creative wheels turning! Each of Shelley’s designs can be found in our Fabric Shop online.

Lauren Powell – The Designer Project

It’s been an absolute pleasure featuring the work of surface pattern designer Lauren Powell, and we hope you’ve adored her designs as much as we have! Lauren is a self-taught artist and designer who creates designs inspired by the everyday and rural living. We’ve felt very fortunate to have Lauren make her “Home Sweet Home” collection available in our Fabric Shop online, with each of the designs available to print onto any of our gorgeous stock fabrics. To coincide with Lauren sharing her delightful range, the designer has also written a guest blog which we’ve showcased below! The blog invites you into Lauren’s background, inspirations and creative methods. The blog also includes some fantastic snaps showing Lauren’s home life, process and printed designs. Keep reading to find out more about Lauren Powell and her charming designs!

Lauren Powell

Hi Everyone! I’m Lauren Powell from LozzieElizaDesigns based in the beautiful Southern Highlands, NSW, surrounded by stunning rural bushland and heritage towns. I am overjoyed to be a part of The Designer Project by Digital Fabrics.

Lauren’s orange tree

My collection “Home Sweet Home” is inspired by life on a semi-rural property, where I have lived since I was little. At a young age, I was often covered with paint, outside in the garden planting flowers with my family or around all of my animals including my chooks, horses and dogs.

Wild grass in the Southern Highlands, NSW

Some of my patterns start as a simple drawing in an art book, painted artworks or can even be parts taken from my photography. I love to scan parts that I bring into Illustrator to vectorize and I love to draw parts on my iPad Pro in either Procreate, Affinity Designer or Adobe Draw.

Watercolour sketch used for Lauren’s “Painted Tartan” design

In my studio I love to display all of my interests in my workspace. A range of bright colours in the objects around me from the lights in my gaming computer, inspiration by other artists who I look up to and even past artworks that I have created over the years.

Lauren working on her “Wild Grasses” design at her home studio

My pattern “Folksy Floral” is created in honour of my grandmother who was a big part of my life growing up, shaping my love of a range of crafts. She created beautiful folk art when I was young and I wanted to give her most loved style of art a modern feel via a pattern. She also loved to sew clothes, so it was fitting to feature her art as a part of my collection.

“Folksy Floral”

My style of design is influenced by all the stunning wilderness around me. From our grown native flowers around our 5 acre property to all the changes of the seasons. I have a love of trying new ways to create my art. One of my favourite mediums on my iPad Pro is gouache brushes by a fellow Australian artist and I can’t wait to explore more of this medium traditionally for future designs.

“Folksy Floral” printed onto our London fabric

I can’t wait to see what beautiful projects you create with my collection! If you want to show me what you are making you can find me on Instagram @lozzieelizadesigns!

“Folksy Floral” baby onesie mock-up

If you want to collaborate with us on The Designer Project and become part of this creative club, please apply! Send us an email with your portfolio and why you would like to be part of this initiative, and we will be in touch!

“Home Sweet Home” – New Fabric Collection by Lauren Powell

Next up as our feature artist in The Designer Project is self-taught artist, photographer, and surface pattern designer Lauren Powell! Lauren is based in the gorgeous Southern Highlands, NSW and creates her designs under the studio name Lozzie Eliza Designs. Lauren has been creative for as long as she remembers, with her design journey truly beginning towards the end of high school as she began utilizing online art classes which helped her develop key digital skills for creating digital artwork and surface pattern designs.

Lauren creates designs which feature crisp graphic artwork and are often influenced by nature and the everyday. We’re so excited to have Lauren take part in The Designer Project which includes a range of her designs being made available in our Fabric Shop online. The designer’s “Home Sweet Home” collection is inspired by her life living on a semi-rural property, with each design available to be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Below we’ve shared a little bit about each of Lauren’s designs, including their background and the types of DIY projects we think they’d be perfect for. Keep reading to find out more about Lauren’s “Home Sweet Home” collection!

“Painted Tartan” is inspired by Spring days spent by a dam painting pop art style geometric shapes and is also a nod to Lauren’s Scottish heritage. The design was originally a watercolour painting which has been digitally refined to create this print-ready design.

We think “Painted Tartan” is a really versatile geometric print that could work across fashion and homewares. We’re already imagining it used for tailored garments, small accessories and cushion covers.

“Wild Grasses” is inspired by the beautiful, swaying grasses which surrounds Lauren’s property; where horses roam and kangaroos warm under the sun. The design is available in two gorgeous colourways, “Emerald” and “Rainbow”.

“Wild Grasses” would be a great design to use for hair ties and hair scarves, cosmetic pouches and camisoles.

“Folksy Floral” is a homage to Lauren’s grandmother who use to paint beautiful folk art pieces. “Folksy Floral” is a contemporary rendering of classic folk art and features a playful colour palette of greens, pinks and lavenders.

We would love to see “Folksy Floral” used for pocket squares, kids wear and cushion covers.

“Oranges and Lemons” is inspired by Lauren picking fresh citrus grown on her farm, sharing the fruit with their chooks and baking sweet lemon meringue pies when the weather gets cooler. This design perfectly balances the bright colours of the fruit with a soft, sage background.

“Oranges and Lemons” is a perfect print for fun applications, such as swimwear, kids wear and dog bandanas!

All of our ideas above are suggestions only as we hope to inspire you and your next DIY project! Each of the design’s in Lauren’s “Home Sweet Home” collection can be found in our Fabric Shop online and can be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Simply choose the design + the base cloth + the metres required. It’s that easy!

Susanna Jarman – The Designer Project

We’ve had so much fun sharing the incredible work of Sydney-based designer Susanna Jarman of surface pattern label Elm Road and hope you’ve adored her current showcase! Susanna has a lifelong passion for beautiful fabrics and it really shows through her mid-century inspired, crisp graphic designs. Not only has Susanna made a range of her wonderfully statement designs available in our Fabric Shop as part of The Designer Project, but she has also put together a guest blog which we’ve featured below! The blog offers insight into Susanna’s background, inspiration and the process through which her stunning creations typically take shape. There’s also plenty of product visualisations to help you imagine all the different ways you could use Susanna’s designs. Keep reading to find out more about Susanna Jarman and her iconic designs!

Susanna Jarman


Hi there! I’m Susanna Jarman from Elm Road. Being totally elated to hear from the lovely Ella at Digital Fabrics, I’m so excited that they have chosen several of my surface patterns for “The Designer Project”.  So… the journey has begun!  Digital Fabrics’ model of promoting and supporting surface pattern designers like myself is an absolutely amazing opportunity.  Just the thought of having my patterns printed on beautiful natural textiles for you to use, is an inspiration in itself!

Thank you to the Team at Digital Fabrics!

“Rocks Skandi” cushion cover mock-up

My Background

Since I can remember textiles, print and surface patterns have played a huge role in my life. I’d say my biggest influences were definitely my parents, both keen homemakers in the 70s.  My mum’s passion for homemaking, involved hanging wallpaper and sewing curtains, cushions, and fabric wall-hangings from gorgeous fabrics designed by Marimekko, Marion Hall-Best and Florence Broadhurst.

I recall Mum taking my sister and I to many beautiful fabric shops like Finlandia in Woollahra. I’ve no doubt this is where I developed my passion for fabrics and patterns!

Susanna’s home studio

I work under the name of “Elm Road” which is the name of the road where my grandparents’ beautiful home was in a small village in UK.  I have fond memories of playing in their huge garden – a typically lush English style garden with gorgeous lawns, flower beds, lots of places to hide, and a huge fishpond full of Koi. Both my grandparents with the greenest of thumbs planted and nurtured the most amazing array of flowers, including English Stock, Hydrangeas and Geraniums.

Process work

Susanna’s fur babies


For me, I take my inspiration from nature and the beautiful surrounds of the Northern Beaches of Sydney where I live, as well as from memories of the beautiful gardens at Elm Road.

“Hibiscus Orange & Lime”

When out walking I always have my camera on hand taking many pictures of flowers, leaves, nuts, berries etc.  Without even realising, this really is the beginning of the design process – ‘research’.  Upon taking these pictures, I then can’t wait to get back to the studio in order to start drawing. All the way home I’m visualising how the pattern design and colour will come to life!

“Hibiscus Orange & Lime” tablecloth mock-up

Favourite Designers:  

Maija Isola, Orla Keily, Henry Matisse, Florence Broadhurst, Marion-Hall Best, and Elizabeth Olwen

“Hydrangea Lacecap Steely Blue”

What drives me? 

My passion for home-making, along with my interest in Mid-Century architecture, and love of 1960s/70s design. These, combined with my experience as a Studio Manager in a Graphic Design, Wide-Format Print Company.

“Hydrangea Lacecap Steely Blue” apron mock-up

Design Process

Firstly, I have to say, when designing I get so lost in my work – time becomes irrelevant. It really is my happy place!

The design process usually starts by drawing and doodling away in my sketch book, either in pencil or pen, or sometimes just straight onto my iPad.

“Hydrangea Cream Moptop”

Once I’m happy with the initial sketch, I take a photo of the drawing, upload it to my Mac and trace over the drawing in Affinity Designer. I work in vector as most of my designs are simple, and large scale, sometimes up to 1000mm in width.

I strip-back the original traced sketch in order to create thick, clean lines to give a contemporary flat-lay look. This is where the fun begins as the design can easily morph into something quite playful and different – I love this freedom

“Hydrangea Cream Moptop”

Once the layout/framework of the design is complete, it’s then time for colour. For me colour is an intuitive thing. I seem to have a go-to palette in my head. That’s what really drives/excites me. The thought of those colours, and visualising the finished pattern on fabric, wallpapers, dinner/homewares, anywhere – sometimes even before I’ve begun the sketch!

Once I’m happy with the overall design, the next step is to create the repeat tile. This is truly when magic begins.

“Hydrangea Cream Moptop” bedding mock-up


The last few years I have enjoyed being part of the local Christmas Markets utilising other designers’ beautifully designed fabrics to create hand-made soft furnishings, tote bags etc. Now that I’m working alongside Digital Fabrics I really look forward to my next Christmas Market, as it will be a dream come true showcasing Elm Road’s own, Australian Designed & Manufactured textiles made into an array of soft furnishings – amazing!

“Hibiscus Lime”

Elm Road’s patterns are somewhat versatile making them suitable for a variety of surfaces such as soft furnishings, homewares and wallpapers to name a few!  I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can create when using these fabrics!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog 😊 To keep up with my latest designs follow Elm Road on Instagram, Facebook, or jump online.

“Hibiscus Lime” sofa mock-up


If you want to collaborate with us on The Designer Project and become part of this creative club, please apply! Send us an email with your portfolio and why you would like to be part of this initiative, and we will be in touch!

New Fabric Collection by Susanna Jarman

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that our next instalment of The Designer Project will be focusing on the incredible work of Sydney-based designer Susanna Jarman! Susanna’s passion for homemaking, love of all things 1960’s and 1970’s and experience working as a Studio Manager in a Graphic Design and Print Company have all influenced her approach to creating surface pattern designs. The artist produces her surface designs through the label “Elm Road” which is named after the road that her grandparent’s home was on.

Susanna is typically inspired by nature, especially the beautiful surrounds of the Northern Beaches which is where she lives. The designer creates prints which are clean, bold and colourful, and we simply can’t get enough! We’re thrilled that Susanna has made a range of her stunning designs available in our Fabric Shop online and can’t wait to see all the different types of projects you introduce them to! Below we’ve shared a little bit about each of the designs, including the designer’s inspiration and the different types of products we would love to see them used for. Keep reading to find out more about Susanna’s delightful designs!

Sydney’s summer played a huge role in inspiring Susanna’s “Hibiscus” design, with the colour range based on beautiful chilled summer fruits; limes, tangerines and oranges. “Hibiscus” visualises the artists happy memories of swimming, surfing and spending nights socialising and laughing with friends. Simple lines and solid bright colours are the perfect combination! “Hibiscus” is available in three gorgeous colourways; “Tangerine”, “Lime” and “Orange and Lilac”.

“Hibiscus” is a wonderfully versatile print and would be great for swimwear and beachwear, outdoor living, kaftans and bedding.

“Rocks Skandi” is a hand-drawn pattern that kept changing over time. Simplicity became key with this design, focusing on the form of the strong motifs and richness of the mossy tones.

“Rocks Skandi” is a truly timeless design to use across homewares and fashion. We would love to see the design used for skirts, dresses, wide leg pants and bedding!

“Hydrangea Moptop” is inspired by Susanna’s whimsical childhood memories of playing amongst the colourful hydrangeas at her grandparents’ home on Elm Road. The design features a crisp illustrations of the flowers resulting in floral print that feels contemporary and versatile. “Hydrangea Moptop” is available in two stunning colourways; “Cream” and “Buff”.

“Hydrangea Moptop” would be a fantastic design to use for wallpaper, upholstery and soft furnishings.

“Hydrangea Lacecap Steely Blue” is also inspired by the thick bed of hydrangeas at the designer’s grandparents’ home. To this day the flowers still offer a deep sense of warmth and security. The design features stripped back hydrangea motifs set against a heavenly cool background. (“Hydrangea Lacecap Steely Blue” has more negative space between the floral motifs when compared with the similar “Hydrangea Moptop” print.)

We think “Hydrangea Lacecap Steely Blue” would be gorgeous to use for tableware, statement cushion covers and bedding.

The possibilities really are endless with these designs and our suggestions above are just to get the creative wheels turning! Each of Susanna’s designs are available to be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Simply head to our Fabric Shop online, choose the design you would like to use, and select the base cloth that’s right for your project!

Customer Showcase – July 2021

We never get tired of seeing all the incredible ways our customers use their custom printed fabric, and are constantly inspired by your creativity, originality and talent! To better share some of these amazing projects with you, we’ve decided to put together a “Customer Showcase” blog series. The series will take a closer look at the inspirations and methods used to create these custom textile designs and products, and we hope will introduce you to the truly endless possibilities that digital fabric printing provides. This showcase features designs used across both fashion and homewares, and from both international designers and local creatives. Keep reading to find out more!

Sancha Prowse

Sancha Prowse is a singer and artist based on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. Daily walks through the busy ​streets and along the water’s edge provide inspiration for her colour-filled and joyful mixed-media artworks.

Here we’ve shared Sancha’s debut scarf design which features the artist’s “A Rose is a Rose” floral painting. The artwork has been printed onto our Dilly fabric which is our premium polyester silk alternative which has a stunning lustrous finish. The artwork is inspired by the lyrics of a Susan Ashton song which is about knowing your true value and self-worth.

Sancha’s hope is that everyone who wears the scarf will feel like they are dressed in a wearable affirmation of beauty! This scarf was a favourite from Sancha’s product range for Mother’s Day gifts with owners sharing how luxurious the fabric feels. We adore how beautifully Sancha has captured an affirmative message through her gorgeous design and love the variety of ways the oversized scarf can be worn!



RAUZE is an ethical and ecological Caledonian brand which combines the designer Aure Bessieres’ two passions: creation and her love for Caledonian lagoon. Aure wanted to be innovative and create a product that is useful for our current world. Caledonians spend a lot of time at sea and are often exposed to the sun. It was therefore essential to Aure to create sun-safe products for Caledonians!

RAUZE creates swimwear pieces which use materials made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets recovered from the ocean, are resistant to the sea and chlorine and have a UPF 50+ rating. These beautiful designs were printed on Vesna (Recycled Eco-Lycra) in our studio here in Australia, before being cut and sewn by the designer in New Caledonia. The surface designs of the pieces are also created by Aure and are typically inspired by the rich and varied Caledonian flora.

Aure is proud to be a part of a generation that is worried about the future of the planet and committed to the repurposing of waste into quality products. RAUZE’s designs are truly stunning and even more gorgeous for being sun-safe, sustainable and ethically produced!


Tanya Krech

Tanya Krech is an artist who recently created a series of paintings inspired by the natural beauty of her home Shoalhaven while recovering from bilateral knee surgery, putting her mind and energy into being creative. The painter has always wanted to experiment with putting her artwork onto fabric to use for both homewares and fashion.

Tanya took advantage of our “Creatives Starter Pack” which is a wonderful introductory package for designers and artists to trial a range of different textile products featuring their artwork. This was a really great opportunity for Tanya to see the different ways she can use her art which is beyond the canvas!

Tanya has shared that the feedback and interest she has received regarding her bespoke products has been fantastic and has motivated her to create more paintings so that she has more textile designs to continue experimenting with. We think the paintings translate really beautifully on the range of products and have loved being part of such a positive development of Tanya’s artistic practice!

Ianny Bastos – The Designer Project

We’ve absolutely adored sharing the beautifully detailed work of Sydney-based designer Ianny Munari Bastos and hope you’ve loved her designs as much as we have! Ianny’s designs are rich, intricately illustrated, and feature warm muted tones that are sure to delight. To coincide with Ianny’s “Jasmine Bloom” collection being made available to all of our customers through our Fabric Shop online, the artist herself has put together a guest blog which we’ve shared below! The blog takes a closer look at Ianny’s creative process, detailing every step from initial sketch to final design. The blog also includes gorgeous photographs and process images which really help tell the story of Ianny’s work and the “Jasmine Bloom” collection. Keep reading to find out more about Ianny Bastos and her stunning designs!

Hi there! It’s Ianny here from IMB Design, hope you’re all great. I’m so excited to say that I’ve created an exclusive collection of artworks for Digital Fabrics, which is now up and running in their Fabric Shop!

Click here and you’ll find a compact line of original prints suitable for fashion or interior items. I’m thrilled to present beautiful unisex designs that are perfectly suited to shirts, dresses and as well as homewares items such as bed linen and more.

All of the designs are firstly created by hand, in the ‘old school’ traditional media of pen, paper, pencil, watercolours, inks and markers. Since I love to draw, I thought it would be cool to take you through my process and show you a bit of the ‘behind the scenes’ of my home studio.

I am constantly experimenting in the realm of art and illustration and often find inspiration in all things vintage. Layered, intricate and elaborate artworks are key to most of my projects, and I have to say, black ink and detailed outlines have been my favourite ways of expression and are what I’m currently diving into the most.

“Jasmine Bloom” is what I named my collection, which is inspired by the scent of these tiny delicate white flowers. The dark, vintage, hand-painted designs were a way of registering on paper the comforting and nostalgic feeling I have just from smelling their perfume.

Let’s get to the point of how I designed these prints! As I mentioned before, everything begins on paper, and it’s one of my favourite steps. I spend some time drawing and painting the motifs, just making sure I have everything well-detailed and nicely painted. This time I used black ink to paint the leaves and fine liners to outline the jasmine flowers, which would later be re-coloured on Photoshop.

After that, I scan the motifs at 300 dpi, clean all the little marks and work on levels to get a nice, clear image. I also remove the background and re-colour the elements digitally. Here’s an example of the scanned and cleaned images.

Then I go to my computer and that’s when the magic happens! I play around with the motifs on Photoshop, just trying to find the right balance and harmony between the different sizes of flowers and leaves as well as the colours.

For this collection I envisioned a dark and muted palette, and below you can see how my screen looks when I’m in the middle of the process on Photoshop:

And that’s the final print. Voilà!

This design is called “Evening Jasmine”. With muted and earthy tones, “Evening Jasmine” has a vintage feel. I wanted to give it multiple layers of flowers to create a rich artwork, that could print perfectly on dresses, blouses and shirts.

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek behind the curtains and that it may inspire you and generate ideas for your next DIY project. How about a skirt or a new cushion cover? Don’t forget to check the Fabric Shop to see this collection as well as other designer prints, where you can choose your fabric and order online.

Thank you for coming along with me in this journey! I can’t wait to see what you make with my designs! Please tag Digital Fabrics and myself in any projects you create with these fabrics. Also, please join me on Instagram and Facebook, and have a look on my website www.imb-design.com to see my new adventures in the printed t-shirt world!

If you want to collaborate with us on The Designer Project and become part of this creative club, please apply! Send us an email with your portfolio and why you would like to be part of this initiative, and we will be in touch!


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