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We’ve absolutely adored sharing the beautiful work of Queensland-based designer Naomi Robinson and hope you’ve loved her designs as much as we have! Naomi’s designs bring a playful, fresh Spring-time vibe.
And reflects Naomi’s charming, organic and whimsy style.

To coincide with Naomi’s ‘Follow Me Sunshine’ collection being made available to all of our customers through our Fabric Shop online, the artist herself has put together a guest blog which we’ve shared below! The blog takes a closer look at Naomi’s creative process, detailing every step from initial sketch to final design. The blog also includes gorgeous photographs and process images which really help tell the story of Naomi’s work and the ‘Follow Me Sunshine’ collection. Keep reading to find out more about Naomi Robinson and her stunning designs!

Naomi Robinson

Hi, I’m Naomi a watercolour and mixed media artist based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. A place that is rich with natural beauty, and very tropical! I have been a visual artist for over 10 years, taking to watercolour only a few years ago. And recently beginning my career in surface pattern design, an aspiration I have had since 2012. I grew up 40 acres of bushland, close to where I live now. Spending much of my childhood playing outside; pondering, observing and interacting with the natural world. This sense of wonder and excitement has impressed my soul, and greatly influences my arts practice today.

Naomi working on her Dandy Wishes print

You may have already seen my curated selection of designs ‘Follow Me Sunshine’ available here at Digital Fabrics, I’m super excited about it! They are intended to reflect my organic, whimsy and delicate style. As well as being a stand-alone collection offering a playful, fresh, Spring vibe. My process for creating a pattern collection begins with inspiration from the environment around me. I go on to ask myself a series of questions; “What specifically is intriguing or inspiring me? Shape, form or colour..?” “What feelings arise from that? I.e. imperfect, playful, tropical”.

Original Sketches

Once I have my descriptive words I go on to collate images together to create a mood board and gather any other images that can help me further tell the story. It’s a very intuitive process. Colour is the next step, and again it is done intuitively and in response to the feelings I experience from my descriptive words. When I’m ready to sit down to paint, I begin by quickly and roughly sketching the motifs on paper to practice their form and build some muscle memory. So that when I go to paint I’m able to retain a ‘loose’ style. I assess the painting as I go and ensure it’s in alignment with my key words.

Designing in Progress

Once I’m ‘in the flow’ (a few watercolour pages later!) I start to see beautiful and organic shapes arise. My painting technique allows the magic of watercolour to take centre stage. I work quickly, and try not to fuss or overwork it, as I believe the natural and earthy pigments of the paint mixed with water imbue the artwork with an aliveness, imperfection and beauty much better than my conscious mind ever could!

Creekside Maiden Motifs

I’m really looking forward to seeing my patterns live a new life on your gorgeous products! Please tag me @naomirdesigns and @digitalfabrics in your projects on social media. And if you’d like to see more of my artwork and designs, head on over to my Facebook or Instagram page @naomirdesigns, I’d love to connect with you there!

Patterns, Love and Nature. x Naomi


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