Meet the Designer – Laura Armitage Vella

Next up as our featured artist in The Designer Project is the wonderful Laura Armitage Vella from Monber and B Designs – with not one…but two textile collections ‘Sand in the Suitcase’ & ‘Winter Bunny’ 

As part of Laura’s feature, the designer has also put together a guest blog which details her typical creative process as well as the things that inspire her! Keep reading to find out more!  

Laura Armitage Vella

What a wonderful way to start the Winter Season, I’m so excited to be here to share some of my designs alongside the talented artist here at Digital Fabrics. 

Sometimes I get asked what I do for work and I think it’s not really work – it’s just so much fun! I have always worked creatively studying fashion and working as a fashion designer for over 10 years. Before that, I was the kid in high school who spent lunchtimes in the art studio classroom working on creations and in primary school swapping other kids’ fruit roll-ups for drawings of dolphins. So it’s no surprise that I’m here doing pattern design and illustration, it did take me a while to get the message though but I’m so glad I did. Now I’m thrilled I get to share two collections with you here, Sand in the Suitcase and Winter Bunny. 

Sand in the Suitcase Collection Sketches

My style of creating and coming up with ideas grows mostly in a very predictable order, I think after creating so many clothing ranges I find creative freedom in the predictability of order. I’m sharing a photo of both collections’ brainstorming pages – can you make sense of them? They are messy but the ideas come fast so I quickly jot down the feel of the collection, print ideas and names of each print. 

‘Look Up’ design Original Sketches

I love working with photoshop but first I feel more flow working with pencil and paper and I like to play with the texture of paint and watercolour paper to get some saturated colour onto the page. I scan these into the computer and by this stage, the final print is really coming together in my mind and I wish sometimes I could work as fast as my imagination. 

‘Shell Treasure’ design Original Sketches

As I work on the colour and scale of the elements I’m thinking about what the fabric will become, and what will it best be sewn into. ‘Sail Away’ print I have always imagined this in a skirt or a shoestring cami. I’m really looking forward to sewing this idea up though I’m a very slow sewer it may take me a while but I’ll share this with you as soon as it is done. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the creative industry is seeing how others interpret the patterns and what they will be created into. I would love to see what you would create with these prints or an idea you have if you would be ever so kind to share too. 

Winter Bunny Collection Sketches

I’m always creating and sharing little ideas and projects through my instagram account and newsletter and would be super excited to see what you do with these beautifully printed fabrics so please share with me @monber_and_b and Digital Fabrics @digitalfabrics it would make my day! 

Laura in her Studio

The Sand in the Suitcase collection is a trip down memory lane for anyone who has holidayed by the sea. Laura’s childhood was filled with holidays by the beach, waking up and going straight from pj’s to swimmers in the morning. Time was lost in the sand, creating games, building sandcastles and looking up close at all the small pieces of broken shells. Walking along the beach collecting shells only to look back to where you came from, and it is just a blurry dot in the distance. Eventually, the time comes to go home and on unpacking, there are always grains of sand in the bottom of the suitcase. 

The Winter Bunny collection is inspired by the winter season – floating in the dreamy innocents of our little cherubs. This season is full of excitement and discovering pure joy for our winter wonderland. Crisp mornings delighting in finding the last of flowers. Winter Bunny, our elusive furry forest friend. If you are lucky, you’ll see a glimpse of his fluffy tail running across the field as the first light glitters on the dewy grass. 

These designs would be great for a range of both Fashion & Interior projects! We’re thinking sweet pyjama sets and flowing dresses, or perhaps some cute cushions for your home? Each of Laura’s designs are available to be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Simply head to our Fabric Shop online to view the whole collection and choose your favourite fabric! 

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