Did you spook or get spooked?

Day of the Dead Skulls

Leading on from last week’s post on Halloween (did you spook or get spooked?) Dia de Muertos is forming the base of our inspiration for creation this weekend. The Mexican Day of the Dead festival which celebrates the life of family and friends who have passed has become quite a fascination with popular western culture in the past few seasons and it’s easy to see why.

Brightly coloured tattooed skulls (known as sugar skulls) have adorned t-shirts and hoodies. Simple black and white imagery could be seen on scarves and tote bags on every second person and even models were done up in makeup resembling adorned skeletons for Lena Hoschek’s spring/summer 2013 catwalk show in Berlin. For a while there it could be found everywhere and it might be too early to tell if the trend has past or just lying low for the moment.

While we wait to see where this trend takes us, why not take a moment to reflect on life and death and then turn it into a creative celebration of the circle of life.

Day of the Dead symbols from a font on www.fontbros.com/

Images from Lena Hoschek’s spring/summer 2013 catwalk show in Berlin.

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