As the festive season nears we seem to have an influx of orders as expected, with customers wanted to personalise and spice up their homes and events, here are some ideas for any occasion to add some personality to any event

1. Printed menus

Create a set menu for your event and have a banner printed for each guest to keep and see whats next to eat, great for weddings and special parties.

Printed menu banner found on pinterest

2. Personalised birthday banners

Make that special someone feel even more special on their birthday, this is a great idea which we spotted on the website

Hungry caterpillar inspired banner from

3.Cake toppers

Pinterest if abuzz with different cake toppers, we designed, printed and made this cake topper for a special mother which could be easily changed for any occasion.

Cake Topper printing and made at Digital Fabrics

5.Wedding banners

Personalise your wedding with banners, you’ll have the banner and the photos for the rest of your life aa reminder of your special day

wedding banner found on pinterest

6. Christmas Spirit

Personalise your home this Christmas with some printed items, advent calenders, banners like the garland we spotted on, tree ornaments like the one seen from the website The possiblities are endless.

advent calendar garland from

Christmas garland from

All of us at Digital Fabrics hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New year!

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