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We have felt so very fortunate to have the incredibly talented Beck Ng of label Fabric Drawer taking part in this instalment of The Designer Project and have loved sharing her creativity and designs with you all! Beck has a background in graphic design however the maker eventually found her passion for textile design and we’re so glad that she did! Not only has Beck made a range of her wonderfully playful designs available in our Fabric Shop online as part of The Designer Project, but the designer herself has also written a guest blog which is featured below. The blog details how Beck came to surface design, her inspirations and how she typically creates her quirky pieces. Keep reading to find out more about Beck Ng and her fabulous designs!

Beck Ng

Hello! I’m Beck and I’m a surface designer and maker from Melbourne who has a love of creating patterns and making things.

Beck’s inspirational books, sketch book and all important iMac

After working as a graphic designer for many years and yearning to create something away from the computer, I enrolled myself into a couple of screen-printing courses, which led me to become fascinated with pattern repeats and eventually to study textiles.

Beck’s sketch book

“The Meadow Strike” design

I enjoy drawing and find inspiration from my travels, nature and life living in Melbourne. Florals, animals and geometric shapes feature heavily in my work.

Beck’s sketch book

“Roar Neon” design

I start most of my patterns as sketches on paper. I’ll usually draw quite a few different motifs in my notebook before I bring them into Adobe Illustrator to digitise. This means I am often re-drawing them on the computer, which allows me to easily edit and re-colour later. I tend to gravitate towards busy repeats and lots of motifs for my hero prints, but I also love the simplicity of a simpler design (which is not always simple to create!). From a hero print I will develop a collection of prints using the same theme and colour palette. It can be a bit of a process building a collection, so nowadays I will often just work on a hero print and come back to secondary and basic prints if I want to later on.

“Roar Neon” printed onto fabric

“Roar Neon” t-shirt mock-up

I created my label Fabric Drawer to showcase my work on a small range of fabric and paper products. The range is evolving, but I love to see my designs come to life on products. I also collaborate with clients to license my work to feature on their products.

“Siesta Blue” printed onto fabric

“Siesta Blue” tote bag mock-up

I’m really excited to have a collection of prints available through Digital Fabrics. One of the things that I love about having my prints on fabric is the joy of seeing what people create. As a sewer myself I know the possibilities are endless, so I look forward to seeing what you create!

You can continue to follow my creative journey through my Instagram account @fabric_drawer, and please do tag me if you would like to share what you make with my designs!

You can also check out more of Beck’s work at Fabric Drawer.

If you want to collaborate with us on The Designer Project and become part of this creative club, please apply! Send us an email with your portfolio and why you would like to be part of this initiative, and we will be in touch!

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