Designing Fabric: How To Make A Repeat Pattern – Full Drop repeat in Photoshop

For this tutorial we have choose Full Drop pattern repeat. It is not an advanced technic, mostly for those who is not very proficient in Photoshop yet like to be creative and play.  This fabric pattern repeat tutorial mainly suitable for photographic and abstract images.

Full Drop repeat in Photoshop

Full Drop Repeats can also be referred to as Square repeat.

Open your artwork file in Photoshop. It’s always a good idea to check the resolution quality before beginning, a minimum of 150 dpi is recommended. Crop/alter the image as desired till you are happy with an artwork that will be tiled to repeat seamlessly.

first full drop screenshot

Original image – all four corners of image are relatively different and this is what will need to be fixed to create a seamless repeat.

screenshot 2

Original image with no fixing of the seams, looks mismatched.

Take note of the pixel size of your image (Image – Image Size)

third full drop screenshot

As well as HALF this amount. An easy way to do this is let the computer decide, halve the resolution amount (150 dpi in this case), and re-note the new pixel dimensions. Click cancel as you don’t want to actually change the resolution, just take note of it.

Now cut (OFFSET) the image in half both length and width ways. This will give the edges or seams that need to be fixed for seamless repeating. It is ideal to do this step with a flattened layer. (Filter – Other – Offset) Now put in the HALVED horizontal and vertical values determined in step 2 and make sure that Wrap Around is selected. Click OK.

fourth fulldrop screenshot

It is clear to see where the image needs to be fixed to create a seamless repeat, where no harsh contrasting lines can be seen as in the above image. There are several tools to use in photoshop that you can use to do this including (but not limited to) stamp, blur, patch, clone…enjoy the play!

fifth full drop screenshot

It is a good idea to offset the now fixed image, just to check the four points that you haven’t missed anything and nothing is looking odd.

sixth full drop screenshot

This now forms your Repeat Tile and this is the tile/image that is required when sending artwork to a printer or uploading it for fabric printing online.

SAVE!  Save file as (Artwork Name)_Repeat Tile
You must now check your repeat and to see it duplicated across the width and down the length of your fabric. An easy way to do so is to define your reworked artwork as a pattern. Menu>Edit>Define Pattern>Save as preferred name.
Open a new blank document with a set up reflecting something similar to a roll of fabric i.e. 145 x 100 cm depending on you repeat tile dimensions.
Menu>Edit>Fill>Select your saved pattern from the drop down box>OK

seventh full drop screenshot

(shown below is only 50 x 50 cm)

eigth full drop screenshot

Now you can use your repeat pattern or repeat tile for digital custom fabric printing.




Designing Fabric: How To Make A Repeat Pattern – Mirror Repeat Tutorial in Photoshop

Mirror repeat technic is one of the easiest way to make a repeat pattern with any digital image, photographs, graphic artwork or painting. Mirror repeat creates an interesting effect, simple and quick, doesn’t require great Photoshop skills. To design your own fabric you can either use our Photoshop tutorial or Fabric Uploader with an instant Mirror repeat option.

Mirror Repeat Tutorial in Photoshop

Open your artwork in Photoshop, make any adjustments to the dimensions (width/height) at this stage.

Double click (press OK) the background layer in your layers panel so it is no longer locked.

First tutorial screenshot

Increase your artboard size, go to Menu > Image > Canvas Size > double the width of the canvas size making sure to click the left arrow so the increase only happens to one side.

second tutorial screenshot

Now duplicate the original layer by clicking and dragging it to the second from the right icon at the base of the layers panel.

third tutorial screenshot

With the duplicated layer selected go to Menu>Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontally>OK. Drag the flipped layer across (holding down SHIFT key) so the layer slots into place in line with the original layer. Make sure to zoom into mirroed join beetwin the images to double check that no pixels are out. Merge layers by sellecting them both, right click and choose Merger Layers option.

fourth tutorial screenshot

Repeat this step again, but mirroring the length/height of the image. When you transform the duplicated layer, make sure to flip VERTICALLY before dragging into place.

fifth tutorial screenshot

Flatten the layers, right click on one of the layers, select Flatten Image option. This is now your mirrored repeat tile that repeats
seamlessly on all four sides! Now you can use your design for digital custom fabric printing.

sixth tutorial screenshot

final tutorial screenshot





DIY Connie Dress Sew along w/ Style Sew Me | DIY with Digital Fabrics

diy with digital fabrics style sew me
Getting beautiful fabric is just the beginning because what will you make with it once you receive it? Eryn from Style Sew Me created a gorgeous DIY dress using Digital Fabrics Bold Rose Midnight Purple fabricOur mission at Digital Fabrics is to help you to bring your creativity and your amazing ideas to life!

digital fabrics style sew me
To sew the dress she used her Connie Dress pattern which you can purchase through her site. And shop the Bold Rose Midnight Purple fabric and more in the Digital Fabrics shop.

See how you can DIY this look here

Super Easy Baby Blanket DIY

Katy Dee from Letter 11 recently printed custom fleece fabric with us to make comfy baby blanket for her little nephew and shared her creative process with us.  Get creative, make your own fleece blanket, its super easy!

You will need:

  • Custom printed fleece fabric, the beauty of this fabric is that you can make a blanket without using filling or backing fabric. One layer of fabric is enough to get comfy and snuggly. You can order your custom fabric here!
  • A sewing machine.
  • Bias Binding, you will need enough to go around the entire blanket. For this a 1.5m x 1m fleece blanket used just over 5m.
  • Dressmaking pins and scissors.

sewing space, creative space, baby blanket DIY, custom baby blanket, design your own baby blanket, custom fleece fabric, print your own fabric

  1. Cut your custom fleece fabric to the size and shape you want, in tutorial the blanket is 1.5m by 1m which is big and snuggly! A square would also be cute.
  2. Find a spot around half way down the longest length of blanket to start pinning the bias. To pin you fold it naturally in half with the flaps on the inside and wrap it around the blanket pinning all 3 layers together like a sandwich. Carry on pinning the binding all the way to the corner. baby blanket DIY, custom baby blanket, design your own baby blanket, custom fleece fabric, blanket fabric
  3. Now it’s time to begin sewing…. Using running stitch and the colour thread of your choice, pop the blanket in under the machine foot and do a few back stitches first to secure the bias.  Then continue sewing on the inside edge of the binding and down towards the corner following and removing the pins as you sew….baby blanket DIY, custom baby blanket, custom fleece fabric, blanket fabric
  4. To wrap the bias binding around that corner nice and neatly, fold the corners down to create a diagonal fold and pin this into place. At this point, also pin the binding along the length towards the next corner. Sew slightly into the diagonal fold, stop to rotate the blanket so you can sew another side of the blanket bias and continue to sew all around the fleece blanket. baby blanket DIY, custom baby blanket, custom fleece fabric, blanket fabric, print your own fabric
  5. When you are nearly at the point where you began sewing, do a few backstitches and remove the blanket. Cut the binding neatly so there is just a 4-5 cm length left. Fold this in on itself and pin down into place creating a neat hidden pocket. Now you can pop the blanket back in and sew that last little bit up! Don’t forget to finish with a few backstitches for safety!baby blanket DIY, custom baby blanket, custom fleece fabric, blanket fabric, custom blanketKatyDee_baby_blanket_playful_print_fabric_design_colourful_hearts_rainbow_fleece

And there you go, a super cute baby fleece blanket!

baby blanket DIY, custom baby blanket, design your own baby blanket, custom fleece fabric





50 Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf | Design Your Own Scarf Workshop

25 ways-to-wear-a-scarf - design your own scarf workshop
Have you ever bought an item that you were excited about at first only to see it disappear in the back of your wardrobe a few weeks later? Buying new things is exciting but a lot of times we don’t wear it as much because we lack inspiration on how to wear it or don’t know how to style it with our existing wardrobe.

September marks a change of seasons. Some of us are transitioning into Fall while others are getting ready for Spring season. No matter what season it is, a scarf is one of those accessories you can use all year long and here at Digital Fabrics we have a cool workshop coming on September 17 that allows you to design your own scarf! It will be your design, your print, your colors, the ultimate expression of your personal style wrapped into a scarf. Sign up HERE

To get you inspired in the meanwhile we wanted to share 50 creative ways that you can wear your Digital Fabrics scarf!

In this video Wendy’s Lookbook shows you 25 ways to tie a scarf.

And if you also want to tie your scarf as a top, skirt or body wrap check out Pink Chocolate Break’s video with 25 styling tips.

Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


DIY with Digital Fabrics – The Sara Project

digital fabrics the sara project print your own fabric
“The fabric is so soft, and the print is bright and bold; really great quality! I love how unique my top feels in this fresh print.”
– The Sara Project

The beauty about fabrics is seeing them come to life whether it becomes a pillow cover or a unique piece of clothing. Digital Fabrics recently teamed up with Sara from The Sara Project who loves to share her passion for sewing on her blog.

digital fabrics the sara project print your own fabric
Sara used our Ethnic in Cornflower in micro fabric to create this unique top. It’s fresh, flown and this top can definitely be worn during all seasons. And we’re happy to read she was pleased with the fast shipping and quality of the Digital Fabrics she received

digital fabrics the sara project print your own fabric digital fabrics the sara project print your own fabric

8 Colorful Scarves – Design Your Own Scarf

Whether it’s Summer or Winter, a scarf is a timeless wardrobe essential that can come in handy anytime. Whether you want to bundle up during Winter time, tie it as a beach cover up or create a fancy hair up do, there is no limit to the many ways you can wear and style a scarf.

So why not customize your own scarf and create a beautiful and unique design for it?
Our mission at Digital Fabrics is to help you to bring your creativity and your amazing ideas to life!

September 15 Digital Fabrics will teach you how to design your own scarf. During this full day design your own scarf workshop we will provide you with knowledge of digital textile design for placement printing. You will be photographing floral inspired collage/layout and transferring your photography to a scarf! After the workshop you will receive printed large chiffon scarf with your own design!

Click here to participate in this creative scarf workshop.

Here are 8 fun, colorful scarves as inspiration to get you started!
8 colorful scarves design ideas
From top left to right bottom
Square Scarf Fushia Chorus – Anna Coronea Watermelon Print Silk Scarf  – Cactus printed cotton scarf – Graffiti Square ScarfBianca Elgar Orange Flowers Large Square ScarfGucci Printed Jacquard Silk Foulard – JIMMY CHOO Palm Print Pure Silk Square Scarf – Hobbs Jessica Silk Scarf, Multi

DIY Pleated Bodice+Circle Skirt Dress | DIY with Digital Fabrics

DIY Pleated Bodice+Circle Skirt Dress DIY with Digital Fabrics
The beauty with fabrics is what you can make with them. Creative DIY talent Oaishe created a gorgeous DIY pleated bodice and circle skirt dress using the TEA ROSE cotton sateen fabric

In her tutorial she shows us how to beautiful details of how she creates the pleats in the bodice and then how you can create and attach the circle skirt to create a unique dress. For this DIY project you need about 2-3 yards/meters of fabric.

Did you know that printing fabrics with us is super easy? Create your design, Upload and pay, Receive your fabric! Our minimum order is just 1 m.





8 Pineapple Pillow Ideas for People Who Love Pineapples

8 pineapple print pillow ideas

8 pineapple print pillow ideas

Did you know you can create your own pillows on Digital Fabrics?

Pillows are great home decoration accessories if you like spending some quality time on your couch and need more comfort. Add a fruity, Summer print to your home with these colorful pineapples pillows. Whether you like them small and plenty or one big pineapple in the middle, these custom made pillows will bright up your home for sure and make it extra cozy.

Create your own custom made pineapple pillows  with Digital Fabrics & get more home inspiration on the Digital Fabrics Pinterest page

Photo credits from top left to right bottom:
Pink Pineapple PillowPineapple Pillow CoverPurple Pineapple Pillow CoverPineapple Pillow – Pineapple Throw Pillow by Eloise Roberts – Pineapple Tumblr PillowGold Pineapple Pillow Cover


Design Your Own Scarf workshop recap

Our first workshop happened a few weekends ago at the Digital Fabrics School and it was a great day!

fabric design classes, fabric design workshop sydney, make fabric design, learn fabric design

There were 4 students ranging in experience and knowledge and it was a fun day learning, sharing and exploring the digital process of designing a scarf from creating a collage to the digital process.

An early start on a winter’s day meant plenty of snacks and cups of tea for fuel while learning about Textile design from our expert teacher Liz Godkin. Liz has extensive industry experience including working at a fashion house in New York and freelance design across Australia and she shared tricks of the trade and useful tips for designing textile products for both personal and commercial projects.

design your own scarf class digital fabrics workshops

Students were getting back to basics and making flat lays which were to be the base of the scarf designs with flowers, leaves, lace, poms poms and even their own artwork. One student loved using her professional photography skills to capture the design! It’s great to work with your hands before turning it digital as it gives you a wider understanding of the process and how designs can come from anywhere.

fabric design classes, fabric design workshop sydney, make fabric design

After a much needed break for some delicious sushi, more tea and it was time to take the collage into Photoshop. Few hours were spent learning how to use the manipulation tools, layers,  filters and blending tools amongst many other aspects in PS. Liz was constantly offering information , shortcuts and in depth knowledge. As it was a very small class, she always had time to help students one on one which is great and definitely makes a difference.

fabric design classes, fabric design workshop sydney, make fabric design, textile design books

The feedback that we received is great and are excited about the upcoming workshops and the future of the Digital Fabrics School. If you have been thinking about attending one, DO IT! You will learn some great new skills and make new friends along the way. What’s better than that?

We have lots of ideas and are thinking about lots of potential fun things to learn and make together!

See you soon for learning fun…

Digital Fabrics School!




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