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It’s been an absolute pleasure starting off this year’s series of The Designer Project with the ultra-talented designer Daniela Glassop and have adored sharing her beautifully detailed textiles designs with you. Daniela has made a range of her designs available as print ready artwork in our Fabric Shop online, which can be printed onto any of our stock fabric base cloths. To provide some more insight into each of Daniela’s designs the artist herself has put together a guest blog which details the different ways she likes to work and create imagery. Keep reading to find out more about Daniela Glassop and her surface designs!

Daniela Glassop in her studio

Welcome! I’m Daniela Glassop of Daniela Glassop Illustration and Design and I’ve been asked to write about my process and behind the scenes. First of all, I am thrilled to be part of Digital Fabrics’ “The Designer Project” and their intention to promote and nurture the designers that come up with the patterns for fabrics that you can choose from for your own creations.

Daniela’s designs mockup

All my work is about making it possible for myself and others to create living spaces and clothing that make us happy. If your décor and clothing bring joy, then you feel more confident in yourself.

Daniela’s desk space

I take numerous photos wherever I go and use these along with other research to develop ideas which I will roughly sketch while I try out some different design options before deciding on the layout I want to use. It is at this point that I start to draw the elements on hot pressed (smooth) watercolour paper with more details and at a larger scale before adding colour. I use gouache and watercolour mostly.

A canvas painting being varnished

Botanic paintings

Sometimes I will make paintings on canvas with acrylic paints, create imagery from cut paper as in my “Botanical Collage” design or draw my design digitally on my iPad after the research phase. Sometimes I also like to use coloured pencils or ink in my work. After the elements have been created, they will be digitized via scanner or camera and placed in my computer so that I can clean up edges and assemble the design.

Artwork for “Australian Flora, Birds, Butterflies and Bees”

“Australian Flora, Birds, Butterflies and Bees”

I don’t usually make use of a mood board although I always do some visual research before I start and will get together photographic imagery as reference material for my drawings. I will look through visual material, fill my head with some ways that I could approach my own design and then put that material out of sight while I rough out my ideas. If I am going to try a new technique, I may refer to a small collection of images while I try something new or if I have an essence that I would like to instil in the designs to keep me on track. My visual research will take into account the type of aesthetic required and if I have any trend research that I might incorporate. Sometimes, I might want to try a new colour scheme so I will find an image with a mix of colours I admire and use that as a starting point, or collect some coloured objects and plant material so I can work out my colour palette. I usually aim for a modern but elegant look that is kind of timeless so that they remain contemporary for longer as I prefer what I design to look beautiful and modern while not looking out of date too quickly.

Creative inspiration

I remember how thrilled I was when fashion designers were starting to use more vivid and striking colour combinations inspired by location. I have always made art and been able to make things from fabric so designing my own textile prints was always something I aspired to do.

Daniela’s paint studio

I have two workspaces, a clean space for work on paper and computer work while I have a paint studio for my canvas paintings and sewing.

Collection of paintings

Listening to the radio, podcasts or music and visits by my indoor cats help to keep me company while I work and I am surrounded by my favourite design books and sentimental things that have been made for me by my children along with trinkets from my travels.

“Botanical Collage”

I used to like to make gifts to give to special people but ended up with less time to be able to do this, but now that I can get my art onto products means that I can share my work with others and that feels very special to me.

“Australian Flora, Birds, Butterflies and Bees” cushion cover mock-up

I am looking forward to seeing what you create!

“White Butterflies” purse mock-up

You can check out more of Daniela’s work at Daniela Glassop Illustration & Design and via Instagram @danielaglassop.

 If you want to collaborate with us on The Designer Project and become part of this creative club, please apply! Send us an email with your portfolio and why you would like to be part of this initiative, and we will be in touch!

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