New Fabric Collection – Ariane Nijssen

Next up as our feature artist in The Designer Project is print and collage maker Ariane Nijssen and we’re really excited to be sharing her work with you! Ariane is the ultra-talented powerhouse behind surface design focused studio Aribombari. Ariane is a self-taught surface pattern designer from Perth, Western Australia, and after a twenty-year career in marketing she decided she wanted to focus on her creative side. Ariane ignited her love for paper, bright colours and texture when she discovered the endless possibilities that gelatine printing provides. Once Ariane’s designs began to stack-up she began branching out to collage and surface pattern as a way of sharing her work with others.

Nature proves to be one of Ariane’s biggest sources of inspiration, and she often uses real leaves and floral elements when printing designs at home. Ariane’s analogue print, papercut and collage methodology creates designs which retain the type of magic reserved for the hand-made. We absolutely love that Ariane has made a range of her gorgeously rich and detailed designs available to use in our Fabric Shop online and have shared the different types of projects we think they would be perfect below!

Ariane’s “Summer Treats” design began as a series of hand-printed paper pieces which were used to create individual mini collaged icy pole motifs. The layering of so many different textures and colours is what gives this nostalgic print it’s character!

“Summer Treats” would be a fantastic choice for children’s clothing and swimwear.

Oranges, lemons and kumquats – oh my! “Zesty Citrus” is a fresh feeling print with wonderfully bold fruit imagery. The original fruit slice motifs are made from small paper collages and is reminiscent of artwork from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

We think “Zesty Citrus” would be a gorgeous design to use for kitchen accessories, tableware and statement cushion covers.

“Fish Market” is inspired by Ariane’s early morning trips to a local fish monger and features quirky paper-cut fish motifs nestled against a soft net-like check. The design offers a really playful approach to layout with the variation in motif size and direction.

“Fish Market” would work really well for kitchen accessories and bedding.

“Flower Power” is a colourful, abstract floral design made-up of individual paper collages and hand-printed paper. “Flower Power” is available in two scales: “Small” where the largest flower is approximately 2.5cm in diameter and “Large” where the largest flower is approximately 10cm in diameter.

The different options in scale ensures the “Flower Power” design can be used in a variety of ways. We would especially love to see it used for summer dresses and swimwear.

“Echinacea Flowers” features three different paper-cut echinacea flower motifs set against a bright turquoise background. The white framing around the elements really allows the colours to pop!

We think “Echinacea Flowers” would be a great design to use for summer dresses and bedding.

“Aussie Gum Bricks” feature individual brick designs made from hand-printed tissue paper. The rich, jewel-like colour palette was inspired by a flowering gum tree.

“Aussie Gum Bricks” would be a gorgeous design to use for a fun jumpsuit that can be dressed up and down.

“Flower Breeze” is a dreamy floral print that captures leaves blowing in a warm summer breeze. This design was made by mono printing actual lupin leaves and bits of grass. “Flower Breeze” is available in two colourways, “Yellow” and “Pink”.

“Flower Breeze” is perfect for silky, mid-length skirts, hair-ties and face masks.

All of our DIY making ideas above are suggestions only and we think the possibilities are truly endless with each of these designs. All of Ariane’s designs are available to be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Simply head to our Fabric Shop, choose your design and then select the fabric base cloth – it’s that easy!

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