Get Up High to Look Down Low

Phillip Lim Spring14 runway shot and a topographical map

This week we’re going up sky high to get a bird’s eye view of some great ideas to feed into the repeating pattern melting pot of textile design. And having seen a few on the runway shots from New York from the past week, there could be a trend in here somewhere. A change in perspective is never a bad thing, it can help to inform a full idea or understanding of the thing that you might be looking at and the result could be even more interesting than initially considered and has the potential to keep viewers on their toes. Mess with their minds and their idea of what they should be looking at.

Farm land in Queensland, Australia and tiered rice paddies in China

Snow caped mountains and valleys and an aerial view of a coral reef

Some great examples of where to find inspiration are from the aerial shots of colourful rice paddies in China or snowy mountains anywhere, views of coral reefs and topographical maps of countries. A similar approach can be taken by getting beneath the surface, going under water or inspecting the microscopic images of all types of matter.

But for now, be a bird even if just metaphorically, and take in what they might see soaring the skies.

Aerial shot of horses in a paddock create some interesting shadow play

From inspiration to the garment (clockwise from left)
Emanuel Ungaro, Sara Phillips, Due, Grey Malin

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