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It’s been so wonderful having the delightful designer Gouri Bashet, as our current feature artist of The Designer Project and have adored sharing her absolutely lovely textile designs. Gouri has put together a guest blog for you all, which shares a bit of background info on herself, some behind the scenes of her creative process and as well as what inspires her and this collection.  

Keep on reading to find out more about Gouri Babshet and her creative style! 

Designer Fabrics_Custom Fabrics_Gouri Babshet

 ‘Gouri Babshet’

I’m a surface pattern designer and illustrator from India who is based in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and two kids. Being in Melbourne and surrounded by beautiful nature has become the source of my inspiration. My patterns and designs are known to be bright, cute yet delicate that are inspired from my love for nature and colours.  

digital fabrics_designer fabrics_gouri babshet_Delightful Roses Olive 2‘Delightful Roses – Olive Design’

I’m a former techie who is a creative soul since childhood. I am also a self-taught artist with an absolute love for drawing, crafting, scrapbooking and quilling…just to name a few! I like to think I have a keen eye for colours and just love to bring in bright, detailed and colourful aesthetics with a modern and feminine touch to all of my designs. 

‘Work in Progress Design’

digital fabrics_designer fabrics_gouri babshet_morning meoldy collection

‘Morning Melodies Textile Collection’

Nature is my biggest inspiration. I take long walks in the nearby walking trails, creeks and wetlands and capture beautiful images of birds, animals and foliage that serve as a starting point for my design process. I put together a mood board with the images from my inspiration and color palettes that go with the current theme. Then I start by sketching loosely in procreate app on my iPad Pro which is such a versatile tool in art making. 

Designer Fabrics_Custom Fabrics_Gouri Babshet_Design Moodboard ‘Design Inspiration Moodboard’

Designer Fabrics_Custom Fabrics_Gouri Babshet_Design Sketches 2‘Rough Bird Sketches’

These sketches are refined and transferred to Adobe illustrator to create vector motifs using colour palettes I create using adobe colour tool. The final motifs are tossed in a repeat pattern that can been transformed into beautiful fabric, home decor, stationery and other products. 

‘Rough Bird and Floral Sketches’

digital fabrics_designer fabrics_gouri babshet_Chirping Birds 1

‘Chirping Birds Design’

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