New Fabric Collection – Tina Dinte

We’re thrilled to announce that our next feature artist in The Designer Project is Brisbane-based artist Tina Dinte! Tina works as a full-time artist whose love of drawing and a background in graphic design has been the perfect storm to create her illustrative, surface design focused practice One Blu Eye. Tina is largely inspired by the nature that surrounds her and the everyday, and uses her colourful catalogue of original paintings to further inspire and inform her surface pattern designs.

As part of The Designer Project Tina has made a range of her stunningly detailed designs available as print-ready artwork in our Fabric Shop online and we cannot wait to see the types of projects you use them for! Tina’s designs are bursting with vivid colour palettes and awe-inspiring layers of texture, linework and motifs. The range feels both decadent and playful and we’re certain you’ll fall just in love with them as we have. Below we’ve shared a little about each of the designs, including what inspired their creation and the types of projects we think they’d be perfect for. Keep reading to find out more about Tina Dinte’s designs!

“Australian River Flower” is a richly coloured abstract piece inspired by a visit to the Queensland Art Gallery. The digital illustration was drawn whilst sitting in the gallery surrounded by iconic artworks whilst the super-imposed abstract has been taken from Tina’s original painting “Overlooking the Dam in Drought”

We think “Australian River Flower” would be a gorgeous design to use for swimwear and beach bags.

“Dalia Dragonfruit Blooms” is a fantastic celebration of colour and is Tina’s first exotic fruit designs which she intends to become a series. The design pairs digital illustration with close-up fragments of her painting “Nourishment of the Sea”. The design is named after the foliage that blooms from the top of a dragon fruit.

“Dalia Dragonfruit Blooms” would be the perfect design to use for statement kitchen and dining accessories, such as aprons, tea towels and tableware.

“Mrs Pink Lips” is a really playful design centred around a fabulously fun character Mrs Pink Lips. The design layers illustrative elements through the mop of curly locks, the full hot pink & plum pout and quirky linework.

We would love to see “Mrs Pink Lips” used for wonderfully unique upholstery and curtains.

“Pastel Blue Blossoms” is a hypnotic abstract design which perfectly balances pastel and deep hues. The design was inspired by a visit to the Queensland Art Gallery and was drawn whilst surrounded by the incredible pieces in the gallery. The design pairs a digital illustration with a superimposed abstract taken from Tina’s painting “Australian Aurora Burst”.

“Pastel Blue Blossoms” would be a gorgeous design to use for bedding, scarves and co-ordinate outfits.

“Plum Grapes” is a wonderfully rich design, layering warm earthy hues with endless illustrative shapes and lines. The abstract piece has used elements from Tina’s original painting “Overlooking the Dam in Drought”.

“Plum Grapes” would be a fantastic choice for cushion covers and soft accessories.

“Cheeky White Cockatoo” is inspired by the iconic, native Australian bird and Tina’s own collection of Australian fauna artworks. The design pairs playfully drawn cockatoo motifs with a textured soft pink background.

We think “Cheeky White Cockatoo” would be an excellent choice for Summer dresses and statement garment lining for tailored pieces.

Each of Tina’s designs are available to be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Simply head to our Fabric Shop online, choose the design you’d like to print and select the base cloth that’s right for your project!

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