September Dress

Print design by Liz Smith for her wedding dress, printed at Digital Fabrics.

If you’ve ever thought, nay, dreamt about your wedding, chances are that a lot of that time was spent imagining your perfect gown. Whether it was princess, modern, vintage, beaded, laced, tulled or none of the above, it was to be unique and yours alone. And Digital Fabrics made that once imagined dress a possibility this year when they printed a bespoke design for a custom wedding dress.

Developed from a photograph of hydrangea’s, and repeated along the border of the ivory duchess satin, the colour and effect could not have worked better on the day. The ombre purple and mauves were a great contrast to the earthiness of the bush surrounds and were a true reflection of the bride’s personality.

If you look to the meaning of flowers, hydrangeas (although there are conflicting ideas) are said to represent anything that is sincere and heartfelt, a particularly good thing to be announcing for a bride to her groom.

The team at Digital Fabrics not only printed the fabric but had some helpful input regarding colour and fabric which made the process almost seamless.

So for that totally unique print you’ve been dreaming about, give Digital Fabrics a call as our design and print solutions go all the way to the altar!

More images can be viewed on the photographers blog The Flame Trees here.

Detail of the wedding dress, printed at Digital Fabrics

Look out at Kangaroo Valley courtesy of The Flame Trees Photography

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