A creative collaboration between Iris Van Herpen, Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness; has resulted in one amazing piece of wearable art. Rules don’t apply to Iris Van Herpen who is well known for her eccentric futuristic couture masterpieces. For her latest project she has join forces with Knight and Guinness to create a water dress which will be the centre piece for the SHOWcabinet exhibition.

This garment was inspired by the actual splash of water onto Daphne Guinness which was recorded on high speed camera’s by Nick Knight. Van Herpen sculpted the natural movement of water using pet G plastic, creating a one of a kind garment. Iris van Herpen truely thinks outside of the box, not only with her latest design but all her designs fusing old and forgotten techniques with innovative materials.

Exhibition starts June 6 at 19 Motcomb Street in London.

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