Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Nothing says Christmas portrait like an ugly sweater.

While we here in the southern hemisphere are lucky enough to have a warm Christmas (fingers crossed it’s not so humid, it rains, unless there’s a draught somewhere…in that case, wish for rain from Santa), we do miss out on the hilarity and fun that is the Christmas sweater.

Some look as though they have been made purely to win worst dressed at the annual ugly Christmas sweater parties that are happening all over the northern hemisphere as you read this, some could be considered cute and others relatively tame when you see the imagination that goes into decorating this festive treat. Don’t think yourself crazy to want to add lashings of tinsel, Christmas ornaments or even flashing lights to your get up because you won’t be alone in this Halloween-ish costume extravaganza.

Nice, how to playing it safe at the Christmas party

Naughty ugly sweaters…ew…

It’s almost a shame that, while our northern comrades snuggle up in their tacky (mostly) acrylic ‘jumpers’ and nurse a sickly sweet spiked egg nog, we here in the south miss out on the chance to don our upper bodies with a hand knitted masterpiece that someone once thought to be the height of holiday fashion! All we get to do lazy about by the pool or by the soft licks of the air con trying desperately to avoid any sudden movements lest it disturb the abundantly fully stomach or raise a sweat and wear a little as possible without raising any grandparental eyebrows.

And just plan bad…

With Christmas just a breath away, and a chance to get in on a warm climate version of the tacky sweater, what festive season prints are you coming up with? Make sure to get your print orders in lickety split and have everyone admiring your get-up over lunch on the 25th!

If you’re stuck for ideas, a quick image search will have you come up apples!

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