New Fabric Collection – Daniela Glassop

After taking some time out over the Christmas and New Year period we are so excited to be kicking off our first instalment of The Designer Project for 2021 with Daniela Glassop! Daniela is a Newcastle based artist and designer who was trained as a visual artist and graphic designer. Despite her technical training Daniela also loves working with her hands, and loves to make things with fabric, cook, and garden.

After completing a degree in Art and Design, along with an art teaching qualification, Daniela has worked in the design industry in both Sydney in Newcastle, has freelanced as a graphic designer and illustrator and taught at the University of Newcastle.

Daniela is inspired by design history, vintage goods, trompe l’oeil (the art of creating optical illusions on a flat surface), fashion and the natural world. As part of The Designer Project Daniela has made a range of her stunning, nature inspired designs available as print-ready artwork in our Fabric Shop online! Below we’ve shared a little about each of the designs and the types of projects we think they would be great for. Keep reading to find out more about Daniela’s designs!

“Botanical Collage” is inspired by traditional botanical illustrations. Daniela puts her own spin on this style of illustration by creating the flower motifs from collaged paper. The background features faded lettering reminiscent of field notes used to capture new flora species.

“Botanical Collage” would be a fantastic design to use for tableware, soft accessories and garment lining.

“Australian Flora, Birds, Butterflies and Bees” features a range of native flora and wildlife in a tessellating grid pattern allowing each of the individual scenes to sing. The design balances vivid and muted colours to create a rich yet versatile colour palette.

“Australian Flora, Birds, Butterflies and Bees” would be perfect for statement tableware and cushion covers.

“White Butterflies” pairs a simple mauve and white colour palette with illustrated butterfly and botanic motifs. “White Butterflies” is a gorgeously whimsical print!

We would love to see “White Butterflies” used for camisoles, undergarments and soft accessories.

“Flannel Flowers” is a stunning example of less being more! “Flannel Flowers” features delicate Flannel Flower motifs set against a soft jade green background.

“Flannel Flowers” would be a great choice for t-shirts and hair ties.

“Native Wildflower Silhouettes” celebrates the unique beauty of native flowers by creating this statement silhouette print. The block shape motifs are set against a textured, soft blue background.

We think “Native Wildflower Silhouettes” would be perfect for summer dresses, a-line skirts and oversized bags.

“Superb Flannel Flowers” uses a restricted colour palette of the soft green shades that can be seen in Flannel Flowers. The design nestles Superb Fairy Wren and Common Blue Butterfly motifs amongst the floral motifs, to create a fantastically detailed print.

“Superb Flannel Flowers” would be a great choice for button-up short sleeve shirts and cosmetic pouches.

“Wildflowers Woodcut” was inspired by woodblock designs, and uses Australian native flowers for their incredibly beautiful shapes. “Wildflowers Woodcut” uses a restricted colour palette to allow for the focus to be on the unique shapes of the floral motifs.

We think “Wildflowers Woodcut” would be great for both fashion and homewares applications and would especially love to see the design used to create dresses or bedding.

“Australian Bush Flowers” is bursting with gorgeously detailed native floral motifs. This design is simply a joy to get lost in!

“Australian Bush Flowers” would be a stunning design to use for bedding as well as tailored blouses and jackets!

The possibilities are truly endless with Daniela Glassop’s heavenly designs and our ideas above are suggestions only! Each of Daniela’s designs are available to be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Simply head to our Fabric Shop online, choose the design and then select the base cloth that’s right for your project!

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