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It’s been so exciting having the delightful designer Amy Jessup, as our current feature artist of The Designer Project and have adored sharing her absolutely divine textile designs. Amy has put together a guest blog for you all, which shares a bit of background info on herself, some behind the scenes of her creative process and as well as what inspires her and her ‘House of Vintage’ collection. Keep on reading to find out more about Amy Jessup and her creative style!


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‘Amy Jessup’

Hi, I’m Amy from Midnight Rise Design. I’m a Textile and Surface Designer based on the beautiful Gold Coast. I love exploring Australia in our van. Life on the road, immersing in our stunning landscape and living simply is most definitely for me. 

Oh, and I’m obsessed with my Whippet Luna! My sleepy, sassy gal is in the studio with me daily! 

AMY 10 edited and cropped

‘Original Illustrations and Paintings’

I’m super excited to join the Digital Fabrics team with my collection now available in their fabric store! When I first saw Digital Fabrics, I was instantly drawn to the beautiful idea. Allowing artists, small business owners and creative minds to connect on a platform full of unique designs, high quality fabrics and no limitations. Ahhmazing!  

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‘Zephyr – Rust’

This collection is inspired by everything and anything vintage. I have always been drawn to vintage homes, swimwear and furniture. I would say my style is a modern twist on vintage concepts. My studio is my favourite room in the house! It’s my inspiration and motivation every day. I truly believe having a space which makes you feel light and excited to take on the day is so important.  

   Digital Fabrics, Digital Fabric Printing, Custom Fabrics, Designer Project, Amy Jessup

‘Wild Daisie in progress’

Every collection starts with a mood board. My most exciting ideas are sparked when I’m completely relaxed and present. Whether that be when we’ve been traveling around in our van, laying by the beach or it could have been something I’ve seen on my morning walk. I am an organised, list writing, non-clutter kind of gal – Haha! So, Pinterest boards are my go-to (I’m obsessed!). This is one of my latest boards. A mix of colour inspiration, textures, travel pics. Let your mind run wild when creating your next mood board. Anything that feels good, add it! 

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‘Wild Daisie’

I’m a little bit of a creative mixer, I love all styles! Sometimes I design starting with sketches, other times I’ll dive straight into digital and even explore with watercolour and acrylic paint.  

 Whichever way I begin a design. The original artwork is scanned into Photoshop or Illustrator. I love that the options are endless and you can work so freely here. Original artwork is fine turned, colour pallets are explored and a seamless pattern is created.  

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‘Amy in her studio’

While my designs are created in different forms of art. They are suitable for fashion, baby wear and homewares. 

Check out Amy’s creations via Instagram @mightnightrisedesign or her website:


If you want to collaborate with us on The Designer Project and become part of this creative club, please apply! Send us an email with your portfolio and why you would like to be part of this initiative, and we will be in touch!


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