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It’s been so amazing sharing all of these beautiful designs by textile designer Andrea Maurer with you! We feel to privellaged to have not only one..but two stunning collections from her. To coincide with Andrea’s ‘Warm Winter’ and ‘Coming Home’ collections being made available to all of our customers through our Fabric Shop online, the artist herself has put together a guest blog which further explains her self-taught design process, what inspires her designs as well as bit more about herself. 

Keep reading to find out more! 

Andrea Maurer

Hello! I’m Andrea Maurer and so excited to be included in the Digital Fabrics designer project. A selection of my prints will be available as part of their print on demand offering which I think is just a wonderful option for makers and creatives to have unique fabric without the minimums required by other suppliers.

Flowers are my go to inspiration! If I could spend my days surrounded by flowers and basking in the sun I would! My colour palette usually leans towards soft tonal colours and would say this is inspired by vintage wallpapers and textiles. My style is naturally feminine and I love creating a whimsical timeless feeling in my prints.

Andrea in her studio

My process often begins with an idea of a composition or at least of one or two elements. Once I get these original ideas onto paper I can see the rest of the print coming to life. This blossoming of an idea usually leads to many elements that help create a collection of prints which have originated from the original feeling of those first few sketches and paintings.

Once I have finished drawing or painting I then can’t wait to get my artwork digitised and imported into photoshop so I can clean them up and start playing around with a composition for a print. I scan them in and am always amazed at how well everything translates onto my screen! I love the flexibility of working digitally and being able to change the colours and composition to create a different feeling than if it was left on paper. After putting it into repeat the print is born and can be made into absolutely anything which is such a thrill!

Original watercolour motifs for ‘Winter Pantry’ Design

I love using mock ups to see how my print would look once it is made up into something and the way it looks on folds of fabric and wrapped around the body or onto a product. This process is really addictive and makes me want to turn everything into a print, which I nearly always try to do.

Winter Fruits Design

I am so passionate about creating and love the studio space in the corner of my home that allows me this sacred time to create amidst the chaos of being a mother to a tiny human. I try to keep paintbrushes and pencils close by so that when I have a spare moment I can create without much fuss. It’s important to me to see the artwork that I’ve created in the past and love, this helps me to know that I can do it again and builds my confidence to keep creating even if I’m not feeling 100% inspired in that moment.

Winter Fruits Product Mockup

I’m so grateful to be a part of this platform of other designers doing amazing things and whose artwork I love! I hope some people resonate with my prints and I can’t wait to see the creations and designs that come of it.

Thanks Digital Fabrics!
– Andrea x


If you want to collaborate with us on The Designer Project and become part of this creative club, please apply! Send us an email with your portfolio and why you would like to be part of this initiative, and we will be in touch!

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