“Dancing Flowers” & “Moments” – New Fabric Collections by Sarah Ossitt

We’re thrilled to announce that the next feature artist in The Designer Project is surface pattern designer Sarah Ossitt! Sarah is based in Sydney and is the creative genius behind Sazerelli Designs. Sarah creates fun prints and patterns with bright colours which are intended to make you smile. All of Sarah’s designs begin with hand-drawn elements or are digitally drawn onto her iPad. Sarah believes it’s the small imperfections in her initial drawings which give character to each of her designs.

As part of The Designer Project Sarah has made a range of her gorgeous designs available as print-ready artwork. Sarah’s “Dancing Flowers” and “Moments” collections can be found in our Fabric Shop online! The range features quirky florals, organic renditions of geometric staples and a warm colour palette. Below we’ve shared a little about each of the designs and the types of DIY projects we would love to see them used for. Keep reading to find out more about Sarah Ossitt’s designs!

“Dancing Flowers” Collection

“Autumn Days” features a leaf print with warm oranges and peaches offset against navy and sage. The tumbling leaf arrangement in the design feels like the embodiment of Autumn!

We think “Autumn Days” would be the perfect print for silky pyjamas and camisoles.

“Honey Spots” is a warm ditsy polka dot which balances a bright golden honey colour with deep raspberry coloured spots.

“Honey Spots” would be a fantastic design for soft accessories and short-sleeved button up shirts.

“Spring Flowers” features boldly shaped pink florals set against a warm watermelon backdrop. The variety of shapes found amongst the floral motifs makes the print feel dynamic.

“Spring Flowers” would be a gorgeous design for summer dresses and kitchen accessories.

“Ditsy Flowers” is a fun and colourful ditsy floral design filled with vibrant flower and leaf motifs.

We would love to see “Ditsy Flowers” used for either summer dresses, mid-length silky skirts or soft accessories.

“Summer Flowers” is the perfect statement floral print! The design features boldly illustrated flower motifs in a gorgeous golden hue.

“Summer Flowers” would be a great design to use for skirts or retro inspired jumpsuits.

“Retro Vibes” is a retro inspired floral balancing a soft warm colour palette of cream, pink and soft mustard.

We think “Retro Vibes” would a fantastic design to use for summer pyjamas and cosmetic pouches.

“Rusty Heart” is a wonderfully minimal design with delicate pink leaf motifs set against a deep rust coloured background.

“Blue Grid” is a wonderful example of why simplicity sometimes is the best! “Blue Grid” is a bold blue grid designs with softer edges than your usual grid or check print.

“Blue Grid” would be an ideal choice for boxer shorts, board shorts or cigarette trousers.

“Diamonds for Days” is a playful design featuring diamond motifs. “Diamonds for Days” feels like a quirky graphic take on the classic snake print.

We think “Diamonds for Days” would be stunning choice scarves and skirts.

“Dance” is a big, bold and beautiful floral print with flower and leaf motifs which feel as though they’re dancing!

We would love to see “Dance” used for statement bedding and cushion covers!

“Moments” Collection

“Squares and Stripes” is a statement graphic print created from hand-drawn shapes and elements. “Squares and Stripes” reminds us of mid-century textile designs.

“Squares and Stripes” would be the perfect design to use for activewear, button-up shirts and blouses and shift dresses.

“Windows” is a bold geo pattern which balances warm peach and mustard hues with a dusty blue background.

We think “Windows” would be a great choice for singlets, t-shirts and headscarves.

“Dots and Dashes” takes a really fun approach to creating a stripe print! This mid-scale print allows the motifs to really pop by setting them against a mint coloured background.

“Dots and Dashes” would be the perfect print for beach bags and tote bags as well as cute summer playsuits!

“Spotty Stripe” features a decorative stripe print reminiscent of hanging fairy lights against the setting sun.

We think “Spotty Stripe” would be an excellent choice for bikinis, over-sized scrunchies, bow-ties and pocket squares.

“Bricks” is a really versatile graphic print balancing perfectly imperfect navy motifs with a rich mustard background.

“Bricks” would be a great choice for summer shorts and cropped jackets.

“Whale” is a playful print with graphic motifs which look like whales swimming in the ocean!

We would love to see “Whale” used for button up shirts, co-ordinating sets and tailored shorts.

Each of the designs from Sarah’s “Dancing Flowers” and “Moments” collections are available to be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Simply head to our Fabric Shop online, choose the design and then select the base cloth that’s right for your project!


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