“Peninsula” – New Fabric Collection by Rachel Darling

Next up as our feature artist in The Designer Project is the ultra talented creative Rachel Darling and we are so thrilled to be sharing her work with you all! Rachel is a self-taught illustrator, artist and designer living in the coastal suburb of Largs Bay, South Australia. The designer finds inspiration from nature, everyday encounters with interesting textures and colours, and her home studio which she shares with a very cute and curious Jack Russel pup called Lottie.

Rachel has worked on a variety of different projects including children’s book illustrations, branding, stationary, event signage and public murals. Fortunately for us Rachel has a sweet spot for surface pattern design and has made a range of her gorgeous designs available in our Fabric Shop online! Rachel’s “Peninsula” Collection features beautifully illustrated motifs and a rich colour palette, and is inspired by the natural wonders around Largs Bay. Below we’ve shared a bit more about each of the designs and the types of projects we would love to see them used for. Keep reading to find out more about Rachel’s “Peninsula” Collection.

“Peninsula Posy” is the hero design of the collection, featuring delicately drawn motifs of flowers and plants which can be found on the LeFevre Peninsula in South Australia. “Peninsula Posy” is available in three colourways; “Black”, “Sand” and “Rust”.

“Peninsula Posy” would be a fantastic design to use for tableware, cushion covers and slip dresses.

“Spring Begins” captures the yellow flowers which first begin to appear in Rachel’s seaside suburb just as Winter comes to an end. Along with the blooms come sunshine, sweet-scented air, an eagerness for warmer weather and an abundance for new life. “Spring Begins” is available in two colourways; “Moss” and “Sky”.

“Spring Begins” would be a perfect design for either mid-length skirts and dresses as well as hair scarves.

“Train Station Blooms” is a fantastic reminder that beauty really is everywhere if you’re willing to look. The design is inspired by pretty yellow flowers unexpectedly found tucked away against a grey sky and railway tracks while waiting for the train one morning. “Train Station Blooms” is available in three colourways; “Dark Moss”, “Deep Sea” and “Stone”.

We think “Train Station Blooms” would be a gorgeous design to use for bedding, napkins and tablecloths.

“Neapolitan” is inspired by the array of unexpected colours found in the sand dunes of the LeFevre Peninsula. The design features intricately drawn botanic motifs and is available in three colourways; “Deep Sea”, “Foliage” and “Stone”.

“Neapolitan” would be a gorgeous design to use for evening wear and garment lining and trims.

“Wisp” features one beautifully illustrated floral motif which is carefully repeated to create an organic feeling design, balancing long strands of delicate leaves with gentle buds. “Wisp” is available in two colourways “Black” and “Sand”.

We think “Wisp” would be a stunning design to use for curtains and statement cushion covers.

“Beach Wattle” is inspired by the plant of the same name which grows in abundance along the LeFevre coastline, adding a sprinkle of sun yellow to the walking tracks. “Beach Wattle” is available in three colourways; “Green”, “Mustard” and “Sea”.

“Beach Wattle” would be a great design for overall dresses and wide leg summer pants.

“Yellow Daisy Magic” is inspired by the cute daisies which grown in bunches amongst the sand dunes of the LeFevre peninsula. The design is available in two different styles across four different colourways; “Moss”, “Basic Mustard”, “Ocean” and “Basic Ocean”.

“Yellow Daisy Magic” would be ideal for short-sleeved button-up shirts, small accessories and garment lining.

The possibilities really are endless with these designs and our suggestions above are just to get the creative wheels turning. Each of the designs from Rachel’s “Peninsula” Collection is available to be printed onto any of our stock fabrics. Simply head to our Fabric Shop online, choose the designs and then select the base cloth that’s right for your project!

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